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  • yea me and tom played our set on the recording setup it was falco v falco on yoshis, falco v fox on pokemon, and i think falco v fox on BF...it was 3-0 and i was falco every time i know for sure...thanks for uploading, i also really want to see some pools matches if you're feeling generous
    It doesn't change shieldstun, but you're able to use a special or grounded A move (other than dash attack) after a powershield instead of having to wait ~15ish frames for the shield to drop.
    You still haven't told me a good one =(
    Also just now finished a game as Teemo lol
    I see. Gnes + Razer team huh? We'll definitely need to get some practice in if possible.
    Ah, okay. I'm fine with RC as well. It's actually pretty hard to die if you DI up and don't put yourself near the edge of the stage.

    The throwing stuff is really good. Dr. Grandpa and I usually won matches where we could pull even 1 off. Ike's fsmash kills at like 40-50 partially charged and DK not much % higher lol.

    I'm a more offensive player so I'm fine getting in there.

    First and foremost, it's all about getting in the quick grabs. If someone gets a grab, just throw towards the teammate.

    If I grab, I will most likely fthrow or bthrow to you. These combo into any of DK's aerials or smashes. Dsmash is easiest if you don't want to worry about timing.

    If DK grabs and you aren't doing dthrow to ftilt or something, I'll be looking for the cargo dthrow into any of my smashes. These can happen pretty quickly.

    At low percents, it may be wiser to use DK's bair or dair for combo potential since smashes won't exactly kill yet.

    Both characters are capable of tanking or going on the offensive if need be. It will be easier just to communicate when to do this. Ike can pretty much just space aerials pretty safely.

    Also, if I'm jabbing someone, feel free to come near for a follow up since the opponent will only be trying to SDIing away.

    Our biggest weakness is double MK, but it is possible if we get those grabs and early kills.
    Our next biggest weakness is getting double teamed because we both lack projectiles and have to chase to the other side of the stage. DK has aerial upB as a gtfo move, but Ike can really only jump away and do aerials.

    Ike and DK share many of the same stages that we like.

    BF: we can utilize our range to cover pretty much the entire stage, mostly through DK bair and Ike's aerials. If opponents are on the platforms, use powerful attacks and aerials to cause an edge slip, and that follows up to other attacks.

    PS1: Pretty decent. We both have good wall infinites on most characters

    Lylat: Same as BF

    Obviously YI is great for DK and Ike is okay here but it will probably be striked first from other teams, . SV is just okay for us here, too, nothing special imo.


    Ike is great on Delfino and Brinstar, and he is decent on all of the other CPs. Halberd may be a pocket CP for us just for the low kill %s.

    For stages I don't like, I'm not a fan of FD, but it could work depending on the opponents. Other than that, I'm usually good. I usually ban rainbow because it's difficult to keep track of 4 players on such a small stage.
    Beachigo is being shady with wanting to team with me, and I really don't want to team with any of the other players that have posted partner requests.
    Have a list of people to look into, but feel free to go with another teammate if a better one comes up.

    Don't get nervous man, we gotta stay confident so we can support each other!

    I just want you to know this now... regardless of ANYTHING that happens, I will not be upset with the result. If one of us f's up big time and costs us a game or even the entire set, there will be no bad feeling on my side involved. This is a game after all, and I'm just trying to have a bit of fun on my break haha.

    That's how I always perform at my best, and I feel as though it's probably the same with you.

    I'm positive that we will destroy them.
    No just why you said certain comments.

    I took into consideration you had a break up of sorts recently which probably added to it. More so the project is worthless comment is something you said is what had a minor discussion.
    Na sorry, I've got some maybes with some ppl already I'm working towards. Thanks though.
    I was where you are right now a few months ago.
    Even going as far as seriously considering suicide.

    Find people to be around. Be it your family, your friends. Don't get consumed by this. Even call a hotline for these kind of things, those people know what kind of things to say to help you get over it (It helped me get out of everything too)
    I know that feel, bro.

    My condolences. It takes a while, but the pain will lessen.
    Tomorrow in OH? Okay, but are you able to pick me up then after 4:30 EST without any problems? I'll just edit my VM to Hades.
    Well I mean I can ask Hades if he minds us coming by and staying the night tomorrow to smash and stuff at his place.

    Also I was thinking after 4:30, which is my last class. We spent the night there once before right?
    Sounds good.

    Like I said I informed FAE about it, I hope he isn't too mad about it considering I was all hype to try that team out.

    Also, any chance of doing a smashfest Friday ( tomorrow ) night? :x
    duuuude, i gotta bail, on revenge im not gunna have any cash and I already feel like poop for asking you to cover for me. NEXT TIME MAH DUDE. NEEEEEXT TIME
    nope that might change it's no prob. even if I dont have one.

    Just let me know if you are able to pick me up, I'm real hyped to go either way
    I will pay you gas money just like last time. @ Revenge.

    Just to make sure, you got a team mate or not?
    Mostly mk/Zss. Im fine with both stages so whichever you feel like at the time.
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