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    Sorry I've been busy but thanks. I also got hopped in pools lost to Dath and some Canadian Shiek.
    Went 2-2 and had a buy. Dath is in losers along with Raz. There are a grip of robin players Herr btw.
    Roy is fun no matter what game that is all.
    Should have said this the moment I saw this post, but thank you, Gamegenie222 and McDareth.

    Gonna guess you know about this already: Falco's jab 2 to rapid jab have different transitions depending on if you do jab by holding it or tapping it. Holding it has a delay between jab 2 and rapid jab while tapping makes them connect quickly. It's different than Fox or Sheik's.
    I've always connected jab by holding it which explains why I always had trouble with it. That said, rapid jab itself is a bit iffy at times.

    Other thing I wanted to ask: have you been able to connect with players outside of the US or NA like Japan and EU? Just curious
    That's interesting with Rapid Jab but I normally tap it over holding it since I do mixups with Jabs often.

    And we have connected outside of US. In the Discord we have members from Canada, Mexico, South America, UK, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Japan.
    Genie when you gonna start coming to more tournaments man.
    When I stop being broke as hell and obtain a job and not busy with school.
    Work at a gas station or something man. And school is gg so I understand that lol
    Why GameGenie222? Specifically the 222 part.
    Cool! Was just wondering because I see 222 EVERYWHERE and it's pretty interesting/funny. Nice name, ,btw.
    Thanks same to you. I wasn't able to respond to this at first cause I was banned at the time and If I remember so was you?
    Yep! I unbanned myself though.
    What did you get banned for?
    For posting very inappropriate content good sir. I wasn't able to respond right away to this cause I got banned so I'm gonna get this outta the way now.
    SN Viper
    SN Viper
    Lol well its good to have you back man!
    Only time will tell. I no longer play smash seriously anyone but I keep tabs on it.
    Yo Gamegenie do you know anyone that can run and pick me up from Davenport real quick? I don't care if I miss the start of doubles and I will pay 10-20 bucks for gas.
    I thank you for contributing and there is nothing wrong with reading other char boards to get info. It is recommended by many players. keep contributing 95% or more of what you posted was good info.
    Imma pick up a Lucario as a second, yup. It's a completely different playstyle but I'm doing nearly the same tactics of prediction.

    Using Tyser's name(and Taunts) because I've been to lazy to change it.
    Thing to know when trying to make people laugh is to not be so obvious and have clever ways of saying things. Atleast that's how I do things.
    Hey, I'm not the best Marth main.... but I wouldn't mind helping you out
    I learned bdacus by learning to first to buffer dash out of short-hop double laser.....but you can't just do it like a regular dash out of laser ,you have to of coarse use up on the c-stick and make sure this control stick goes back to neutral right away

    as for some basic psychology

    Posted by TommyG
    "A huge problem with a lot of Falco players is that they don't really know the spacing of their moves as much as they think they do, not that they're messing up their technical skills.
    Falco's jab is 2 frames and reaches ridiculously far for a move that fast. When spaced this happens:

    Ftilt reaches even farther, comes out fast, and pushes people away from grab range when its spaced. It gets punished when not spaced so its important it's spaced.
    Dash attack covers a lot of space very quickly and hits people up to make them pick an option before getting followed up by an aerial (which can lead to a safe read->punish)
    Falco's grab range is one of the best in the game. We're all spoiled by it and we think everyone has this range except people with better ranges. Play other characters and learn to appreciate your grab.

    The reason why DEHF does so well is he abuses the above(maybe not dash attack, that's my favorite) until he can put the opponent in a place where they're forced to guess and get punished for it(usually punished by a move that puts them in a place to make them guess again like ftilting them off of the stage.)

    Forget BDacus
    Forget Phantasm Cancels
    Forget Boost pivot grabs
    Even forget short hop double lasers.

    Play a few matches just walking back and forth having your objective being seeing how close you can get your opponent to attack you without it hitting you.

    Oh and new Falcos....stop jumping so much.

    Final edit: I'm finally done editing this post. XD"

    This^ is great advice
    Falco is a character that takes patience....When I play I tell myself " relax and don't do anything that will get punished"

    Create a "spam bubble" around your character with lasers, jab, and f-tilt.....This force the opponent to approach in a certain way witch can be punished with a basic moves(iap, nair , bair, or anything really)

    Put these things into practice and tell me how it goes :)
    Are you having trouble with bdacus? And also can you run off double lasers?

    If you feel you have a good enough understanding of technical things I can start into the psychology of Falco, so tell me if you feel your ready c:
    :D ok, no problem
    I'll probally have to wait till the weekend to play you over wifi but I can still prob help you out. I need to find out where you are technical wise first.

    So tell me if if you can do these techniques
    1)instant Arial phantasm
    2)short hop double lasers
    3)short hop laser/backflip laser
    4)Auto canceled Nair
    5)buffering things out of S.H. lasers(like f-tilt out of SH single laser)
    My "Let's Play" Channel (click)

    Just wanted to let you know about my Let's Play series I've got going on. Basically, I play blind playthroughs of video games you guys request and that's it. :bee:

    I'm currently playing Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) and Yoshi's Island (SNES) and I've already finished a Mega Man 10 (Wii) LP as well.

    Just want to invite you in on the fun if you haven't heard about it. If you like the videos definitely SUBSCRIBE to my channel and post on my wall so we can discuss what other kinds of games you'd like to watch me play!

    Thanks for the support. Spread the word! :cool:
    lol I'm doing good. Just been going to school and playing smash. We'll definitely have to play some melee and pokemon.
    Thankyou! ^^ Im just trying to be realistic and possibly turn the disrespectful tourny styles around, ect. I wish the board was stickyed but i dont know. =D I would be glad to be friends.
    You suck, Gannondork blows, you should quit Smash and get a life you noob!!!!11!!!!!1!1 (the many exclamation marks and "1"s make me 1337)
    Man, nice battles tonight! ^_^
    You were pretty decent with Marth, not bad. Your King Dedede totally through me off though, lol. We should battle again sometime, because I know for a fact that I could have done better against your King Dedede. Oh yeah, and what was up with that lag? The communication that we had was at red, lol. Probably not the best way to battle each other. Overall, you got some pretty good game, good job!
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