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  • Good Games. Your Sonic is pretty good. SOrry if you do not like fighting Oli. A lot of people do not like fighting him.
    Once again, GGs. Some of those matches were completely insane. :laugh: I wish I could have saved some replays.
    Yoyo, yeah good matches lol. I've got a lot transferred to computer, just haven't had time to upload them lol, they'll go up either tonight or tomorrow.
    yeah, i'm 2nd all team shorelines, and my team won shorelines, which is nice, but i've been so busy and sore lol. I am good this weekend, especially today. My Marth got better and I think my Olimar has done good things also. I'm best for today anyways.
    hey! Nice, let's set up as soon as possible so we can get some stuff in before your break is over. I just did shorelines for XC, and we get a break this weekend before states lol. so whenever is ok.
    oh yeah, I figured that was partially good luck because I normally have such a hard time with ya. A lot of things could be factored into that, or it just might not have been a good game lol. Sonic's U smash is definitely good to rely on because it's continuous and i'm not sure if I can air dodge it. His F smash range...is a little short to use for our matchup with Marth cause my sword can beat it which sucks lol.
    yeah, it seemed like your practice paid off! haha. I was always worried about your ground game just cause of your speed, so I tried my ariels, but even those would have to come to a stop because some of your movements were unpredictable, so I was very cautious on two fronts lol.
    dude, great games tonight, you never cease to amaze me with your sonic. Your lucario also obviously improved a lot. I love the suicide we had at the end haha. Keep it up, our fights seem very equal, i'm extremely pleased with each of our matches!
    Oh absolutely. I was freakin' out man. All I could think is "how is he gonna change his game on me? what's he gonna do next?" It was difficult to play through the match with a clear mind, you're right, it definitely paid off.

    haha thanks, I did feel cheap when I faired like 5 times, but I guess I got lucky in the Wolf matchup. I was very surprised to see how successful my Wario was, and how his bike is dominant over Sonic's B over, so I apologize if you found the bike to be annoying haha. Without a doubt those were great matches and I had a lot of fun, worth the wait indeed
    Dude! Your Sonic is awesome! I am really impressed. Really really impressed, I was nervous each match, My marth could barley keep up and he is my best character lol. Keep up the great work, I saw really really good things!
    alright, just tell me when you're about to get on. and awesome, i'm really pumped about going against a sonic!
    lol alright, unless you wanna come online tonight, i'm not too sure where i will be till friday, but yeah same here, school is coming...I can sense the evil aura...
    Sir, it's been way too long. I really wanna go against your sonic and lucario. Are you up for it sometime?
    oh man! lol sorry then. We need to battle soon to make it up, I think we're overdue for a few matches haha.
    hey, just wanted to say you did very well, and I saw a lot of improvement! Your Lucario is definitely looking good, and so is your Wolf and Toon Link. Anyways, great matches last night, hope to play you again soon =]
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