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  • Nah, no name. I've been practicing a lot on WiFi though these last few days so I'm used to the lag again now.

    You had better name ideas than me so you can just make it whatever you want :p
    Lmao, I know. I saved a few cool replays from those. If you didn't know who they were, that was Kirk who's currently the best Ike player in the country offline (came in 9th at NO KOAST going all Ike... he's got the results to prove it), and Teh_Brettster who is definitely one of the best Ike players in Texas.

    But yah, we had some pretty good moments and some pretty epic fails :laugh: we'll need to practice again sometime and work on our team strategies.
    Aw I must have just logged off when you sent this. I'm online but I can't brawl for another fifteen minutes or so, mom's watching TV.
    GGs today man, as usual. I love playing your CF, always awesome matches.

    Lawl, what did you think of my DK? I'm thinking of having him as a secondary.
    GGs PJGLZ. Who were the other two we brawled with?
    Too bad we didn't get the opportunity to play teams :/
    lol stupid wifi button delay XD
    And besides, I killed myself, didn't no contest. So technically, that was a win for you. Oh and that second to last match was so lulzy. Two knees and two Falcon Punches. GGs nontheless, Falcon friendles are too fun.
    GGs PJGLZ, but don't ragequit when you're losing. I mean, I got 3 stocked by your Snake with Falcon. (Wifi*cough*john*john) But at least I didn't quit lol. You have a nice Snake and your Falcon isn't in bad shape either.
    Why post on your own channel?
    Btw, your post of our matches is 2-0, not 2-1.
    You up for some friendlies?
    Lol, yeah. It's the lag. I usually only hit the roll buttons once, and I also meant to jump over you and do a quick airdodge most of the time so I could Dair you. >_<
    Good games, though.
    Around 1:00 PCT sound good to you? Or if not, or something occurs (my parents force me to do something, etc.) we can play on the following weekend.
    ....../[ v ]==='_>......

    If you're going to be that way, then I'll be honest with you. Your Falcon is a pain in the arse. :p I've never seen a camping Falcon, and you spam jab so often.
    Spamming fireballs is fun, as I know I can take advantage of Falcon, who isn't able to do much about it.
    But, I think I'm being a bit too harsh. My Mario may be annoying, but it was because I was really aggravated at your Falcon's playstyle, so I spammed fireballs like heck.
    Thanks. Your mario is great, but freaking annoying. Save it for the tourney :(. Ggs. My snake sucks :p
    GGs, your Falcon keeps on getting better. I thought we were playing low tiers, so I refrained from using Snake, etc.
    Funny how I can beat your Snake with Mario but can't consistently defeat your Falcon with him. The Mario VS Falcon matches were extremely close, indeed. <_>
    The tournament officially starts on Saturday. From then on, you have exactly 1 week to face your opponent. Please review the thread to see discover who you are facing!
    Hey sorry I cut out so early. My mom just came home, and she doesnt want me playing Wii in the early morning xD

    I'll brawl you later. Is that okay?
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