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Hero of Banthum

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  • uhhh sure ill get on chat in like 30 minutes and i should have meh wii hooked up by then.
    yeah true. lol and except for some saturdays.. i will most likely be able to fight you whenever.. but we need to find a way to have a better connection even though its like impossible since we live so far apart.
    ok im sorry that i left so soon.. but that lag was pissing me off... V__V

    there were so much times it did a smash instead of a tilt.. and so much time i rolled into your grab when i really glide tossed... i love fighting you but our connection iz baaaadddd... T_T
    lol i know..

    im going to another on the 10th of july... thats about 13 or 14 days..

    i still play wifi.. but like friendlies at the most.. i quit tourneys.. lag just makes things worse.. lol
    i went to two offline tourneys in two weeks... and i just hate wifi now.. lol lag suckz!
    uhhh sure but not now.. if you're on in like 2 hours ill fight ya.

    but i don't play wifi anymore so if i suck more than usual don't be depressed. XD

    bunny is playing right now so ill wait till he's done. and ill message you whens he's finished. ^_^
    alright ill play you anytime you message me budz.. im on summer break now so it's kewl.. just i have to go to the store for a while ya kow.
    it went well i tied fo 9th, adam tied for 5th, and jason placed 2nd.. (bunny and catma)

    and i can't play right now im sorry. im about to leave to go to the stor with my brothers and friends in like 5 minutes.. =(
    lol yeah. i am very easy to read after many matches... but i know that i play differently from most robs. =3

    and thats why im beast! XD lol jk

    also yeah VERY GREAT GAMES!!! =P

    every time i fight you i seem to win less and less....... ****!!!!! lol
    yup yup! :p

    i might have to make a 16 man tourney though. but it's whatever. ^_^

    hey HOB! im sorry could you wait like 20 to 30 minutes to play? because my brother has to do a tourney match with some guy. ill play you after though. ^_^
    GGS!!!! ^_^

    and sorry for not getting back online.. i had to go somewhere and i completely forgot.. -_-
    hey, join up again!!!

    ahhh crap i just missed you, sorry i was fighting someone.. >.<
    lol im usually online during the week from 5 pm eastern till 9 or 10 pm eastern..

    and during the weekends idk.. any time... just remember our time difference we are never online at the same time cuz of it.. DX
    lol i understand! ^_^

    and yeah it haz, ive been dying to play you for a while.. ill get your mojo back budz! ^_^ lol
    umm everything is good!! :bee:

    howd your wii break?
    and why does it dependz on your bro? ^_^
    lol not much just school... ive gotten a hell of alot better ever since i joined AIB.. i love it.. but i really want to come back here and enter a quick tourney and see how i do.. but knowing OTL itll last for weeks and i dont wanna join a tourney to get DQ'd lol i wanna win for once and pwn ze fewl@@@@@
    lol idk... i just came here to find old friends and people to fight..
    GO TO SLEEP THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :laugh:
    Um....around the 70s. >.>

    I didn't really pay attention much. D:

    I think one had 77 and the other had 79. Don't know who had what exactly.
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