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  • If anyone is reading my profile I must tell you that I changed my password deliberately to something I can't remember so I can't sign back into SWF again. Cya guys. I won't be smashing anymore.
    Actually, you can post on their forum in the exchanges section. The person you contact will either need to give you an AIM/MSN address or be a Gold Member, but you don't need Gold status to post.
    Well, i can't moan. Ok, maybe it would be nice if my cold finally cures^^
    But, well, thats life^^

    And you? Everything fine?

    PS: Forget brawling^^
    The Marth-Matches were excellent. So were the Luigi-Match.
    I enjoyed the fights with you very much.

    I just played with Mario/DK and Zelda, because Ike is my best as he is and Bowser sucks online. So i have to get better with those characters.

    Those were really excellent matches, we should repeat that sometime =)

    But i wanted to mention, that i think that your Pit is really bad, compared to your other characters. But thats just what i think...
    ggs nice marth
    ur actually pretty good
    i'ma little upset that u only used top tiers
    but tiers dont matter
    i had fun
    dont lose confidence ur a good playa:)
    hey merry christmas!! :)
    im sorry i never got ahold of you a couple of days ago :( i lost my connection for a couple of days and jst got it back this morning!
    You know me? I guess I'm famous. 8D

    Stupid SWF. The 'for breakfast' part was the best part of your name. Ah well, we'll live with it. How is your gf doing?
    Who is Rapey?

    Sorry, at the moment my parents are watching TV. I don't know whether they go out today or not...
    I will contact you if they do, but i can't promise anything =/
    That should be no critique or so^^

    Kirby is faster than Mario, your attack beat my D-Smash... I know how fast Bowser can be (especially his Jab and his Up-B) ;D
    I meant in first instance Mario ;)

    Anyway, i thought your MK seemed good, but, well, if you don't like to play him...^^

    MtG = Magic the Gathering, a trading card game that i play sometimes^^
    Don't bother about it xD

    One tip for you in relation to Bowser/Marth: When i firebreath, DI towards Bowser and dolphin slash into his face. That is especially good, when Bowser has high % or is a noob and doesn't know this xD
    no way! you were hdrevolution!! crazy....
    wow.. well i dont think ill be "beating you down" ;)
    im still not THAT great!
    and thats cool that you main luigi too! i also main him as well.
    when do you wanna have friendlies? ASAP?
    hey :)
    i just read what you said on you thread!!
    well, i have to say, im not a very good teacher at all, and even IM not that familiar with all of pit's AT's and whatnot yet :(
    but id be more than happy to lay a couple games over wi-fi with you :)
    maybe we could each learn something from eachother!

    also, if you dont mind me asking, where do you live??
    Good games, buddy. You remember me on a friend of mine. Everytime we played MtG, i drew bad cards. And every time we play, something goes wrong xD

    You always had the faster character than me^^
    I did D-Smash, but yours was faster, i grabbed, but you was faster xD

    Well, thats the game. Well played, you improved. Especially your MK was very impressive (except the self-destruct on the last stock).

    The wolf-match would i have won, but the first stock was self-destructed XD

    Anyways, you are an challenging opponent. It's always nice to play you =)

    Keep it up ;D
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