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  • Hello, I am the Co-Leader of the Smashboards group called "Low Interstellar Occult". You are recieving this message because you are a member of this group. We have realized that we have inactive members. I am sorry to say that you were one of a number of members pointed out. We are about to partake in some steps to improve ourselves and the group. If you want to participate in the process please stop by the group for a visit every now and then. If not you can leave the group no questions asked or you might unfortunately be dropped from our group. This group is for excelling players on wi-fi or offline and we hope you stay with us.
    Ahem... ELL OH ELL. Oh pretty good job, but sound quality is bleh. Be glad you have some musical talent. I never learned an instrument and I don't think I will be able to. Unless you count RB plastic drums.
    All good, all good, will just be trying to catch up to an old friend who passed me up in rank during the dbl xp weekend till you get back =P. Don't have to much fun now lol
    Yeah, there's a lot of Greek and Latin words/symbols that you have to be able to recognize D: I'm only familiar with Lambda right now, since I use it most, in reference to Wavelength. I know a few more, but I'd rather refrain from giving a short class x.x
    What do you major in right now? Mine's Language, Science is close in succession.
    Well yea, GBs are one of the few decks/archetypes out there that don't need to run synchros because of their insane synergy and amazing ability to toobox their deck according to the situation at hand.

    That and War Chariot is amazing :awesome:
    That's good :O I might be a Physical Scientist. I'm interested in the EMS and space :D
    Blaaaah xP Sorry. I haven't really caught the gist of desingning games, since I never signed up for the Career Acadamy near my school. I'm hoping to take courses there my Junior year.
    Yea, I try to get to regionals in philly when they happen, but the locals I go to is small and some people there aren't the best, while others know what they're doing :/
    Nice :O It's good to plan ahead. What part of gaming are you looking forward to specifically? I'd like to construct or test games, probably even act in commercials.
    Maybe :o I'll go wherever my career takes me. I wanted to get educated in Shanghai China or something, since they have a very strong educational field.
    You? =o
    Well ya have a point, no mic = early round knock outs. Dun worry about it, just let me know when ya get it fixed and we can go from there. Also my DCing has died down a bit, might be due to the work crews are finishing up with placing those streetlights up for the road widening perhaps.

    Just seems like anything within a small few block radius **** hits the fan no matter what it may be XD this time it's construction <_<

    But yeah, just let me know when ya get yer mic fixed and have at least some sort of fun for that NHD thingy ma jig XD
    Thanks, you too :D What grade are you in? I'm trying to major in Physical Science or AP Lit/Comp.

    Oh, lo siento. Mi espanol no es muy bien. >. <
    Cool =) I'm still learning Spanish, since almost all of my friends speak it at school >.< I can't understand much. Your real name is Filipina? :O If not, sorry. Pleased to meet you. I prefer to be addressed as Lucas, but my real name is Kyle.

    No que yo sepa? Por que?
    Lol I'm not understanding the reference XD Are you of the Spanish decent? Or do we have a mutual interest in the foreign language?
    Bueno~ Una vez mas, se divierten!
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