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  • 9 is probably the most well-rounded and likable by the most amount of people... if that makes sense.
    7 was my first game of the series, and even my first RPG in general I think, so it is special to me.
    10 has "Final Fantasy X-2" but it got bad reviews so yeah.
    I never beat 8. :( and i can't start a new file since my Disc 1 is too scratched up to get past the unskippable opening cinematic >_____>
    i've played 7-10 but i heard 6 was one of the best.

    Umm... the guy in the thread was asking for a Wyoming thread, haha. Which doesn't exist. He was asking if there were any Wyoming smashers.
    It's Tim, not Time. xD

    And you're the first person I've ever met with that name! It's very unique and special!

    No problem! Even I post on my wall every once in a blue moon. :bee:
    I'm still waiting on the remaining schools on my list, as well as financial packages before really boiling down to a decision.

    Syracuse University is currently my top selection--Tufts University was my favorite school but I was denied--and if 'Cuse gives me enough money I just might go. UMass, Drexel, and Eckerd are also wonderful alternatives in terms of financial stuff though.
    My real name is Timothy, but I prefer if people call me by "Tim". (Because Timothy sounds so formal and I'm an informal kinda guy haha) What's your real name?

    I got Black! Wish I could trade/battle you online but I can't connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection due to my router's security settings. :(
    Well, you sure have excellent taste in avatars and designing your own! :bee:

    Did you pick up Pokemon White/Black yesterday?
    I'm still in high school currently, I'll be a senior next year. I'll draw on the google maps where I am and where you will (hopefully) be.
    OMG Day... move to NC... I live about 25ish minutes from Chapel Hill (Morrisville is like equidistant from UNC, Duke and NCSU, lol.)
    I dont' even remember what advice that would be but I congratulate you on your exemplary taste in counsel!
    Well, I have severe stigmatism. My eyes move constantly. You know in anime when the character's eyes widen and they shake? Those are my eyes under any given time.
    Well, earlier today, part of the frame on my glasses chipped off, so to prevent further damage as a new set is ordered in, I'm using an old set from like 3 years ago. I can kinda see, but there's a lot of strain on my eyes. :c
    Small request:

    I have a new guide to techchasing after G&W's D-throw, and I would like it to be either stickied, referred to in the G&W directory, or both.

    Talking about this.
    In December in NYC.

    Yeah, I still am blind in my right eye until I get two more surgeries, but the eye and vision were saved.
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