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    This message has been deleted by Daylightful.
    I'm sad because now I'll never know what it was
    No need to explain yourself with that. I think we're getting each other pretty clear here.

    My roadblock to getting better is on my last post: Errors and emotions. I need to limit both to a min, and then I'll be satisfied with whatever comes afterward. Some days are better than others, obv. :012:
    Hmm I never really thought what about her I like tbh haha. She's really fun to be around and she's smart and takes care of me and just that family bond. I don't know that much about her because we haven't seen each other that much. The little time I did hang out with her though I grew to just having fun and goofing off. Just catching up since my I only met my cousin like 4 years ago hahaa. But yea iunno I just like hanging out with her I guess.
    You should have thought of THAT before you made a MOCKERY OF MY PEOPLE.

    Deal with it and go commando.
    oh thanks :p

    We probably won't upload it since we didn't get enough footage from the event. Do you want me to send it to you?
    Haha yea she's just too awesome haha.

    And hmm I actually never knew that. I know English is one of the hardest but as for learning languages I had no idea Korean was an easy one.

    One day I really need to sit down and really try to learn it. I really wanna go to Korea and talk to all my relatives >_<
    Yea, my dream school is the University of Illinois for a lot of reasons.

    The main one though is because my cousin who is like a big sister to me is doing her doctorate there and I'd absolutely love to attend the same school as her =3.

    If not that then I"m shooting for University of Michigan. I have tons of friends in UoM and its a great school for what I wanna do. If not that I"ll just attend NJIT the school I"m going to for my undergrad.

    Haha is it really not hard learning Korean? I have a hard time learning it and I already have a background in it xD. It could be just that I"m awful at languages in general though. I like equations and graphs and stuff more.

    Yeah, we're going through derivatives and limits right now. You good with those?
    Well, chemistry is going well but not math. It's not that I have trouble with math, it's just that I underestimated the difficulty of the exam. I'll just have to study harder this time and I'll be fine!
    Yea most people kinda agree it should be a 5 year thing anyway *shrugs*

    And yea I'm Korean, but super Americanized now lmao. I came over here when I was so young that I forgot Korean haha.

    Now when I listen to my relatives talking I'm like

    Don't see a compliment as a favor or a resource! If a person appreciate the way you act, they can and should make sure you get to know about it. That's what makes the human race so great, along with its sense of compassion.

    And I do feel better, in case you're talking about the demodding incident. I didn't really have time for all this, now that I think about it. University really consumes way more time than I thought it would.
    I think its able to be done in 4 but its just too hard to finish an engineering degree in 4 years :(

    Baha that gif is absolutely hilarious I don't even. Its in Korean too I wish I wasn't too americanized so that I can't read it =3

    Day is such a cute nickname haha I'll call you Day =3

    Good luck to you too :)
    Then it's something to work on! Being able to take compliments is an important ability.
    With respect, Calebyte would likely be placing the same as I would (around 9th or 7th) if he came down to Atlanta and played tourneys here. The same would apply for any Mario peep that would come here (A2Z, possibly Flame if he ever got off the wifail teat, et al.). I would make Boss an exception to this, but he splits so much time with the Mario twins, I can't make out which one he likes more.

    Kain, Isshy, & co. could do some work in the N. GA area. I know my Wolf is lacking in places, is wildly inconsistent. So your point is duly noted.

    I know I could do better with my mains, and I know I am close to something else. But that is contingent on me basically removing two things from my play: Too much emotion and too many errors.

    I have examples for days that I can show on my Youtube (GrandAdmiralShavy). I'll do that when I get my replays uploaded in a few days.
    I'm studying Electrical Engineering concentrating in RF/Microwave engineering.

    Thats fancy talk for saying I study high frequency circuits including antenna systems, radars, and other wireless communication systems.

    My favorite science is physics mainly in electrophysics. Bio and Chem has alway been hard for me actually LOL I did okay in chem and I actually didn't require biology xD

    And my real name is Haley. :) whats yours?

    Oh and btw, yea I love what I study. I'm planning to get my masters as well its such an interesting major hee hee =3
    No you made it sound fine :)

    Thats great you study something you're so passionate about. Trust me as a 5th year in college I can tell you it makes it sooo much more enjoyable to study so I'm glad you chose something you feel that you can enjoy a lot.

    Hope it goes well for you Day. =D

    I love science too so thats something we share =3. I do love kids too. I love meeting my niece/nephew and playing with them they're sooo fun to hang out with xD
    A & C are there yes, just neither of them are there twice

    guess the third letter!

    you can also guess if A is first or second lol
    Haha I was partying with my roommates and friends and stuff actually.

    Drank a bit but it seems like I can talk :)

    What do you study btw?
    The characters I main does mean an autowin for Meta Gay.

    Mario misses one attack, he gets grabbed.

    Wolf's blaster being power shielded equals grab.

    I'm not 100% good with Falco yet, so there's still hope. :rolleyes:
    xD is that from Hidarmai Sketch? I really wanna watch that show eventually haha xD.

    Tee hee are you doing anything for the super bowl?

    A, C & V are the initials!!!!!!!!!!!!!of my little brother

    not mine though

    as a consolation prize, his initials in order are AVC
    I think I like vanished from the earth yesterday lol. Couldn't wake up for anything >_>

    But I got a ton of sleep so I feel better almost good enough to do this:

    That's the irony of it: The amount of salt generated by me in this game is enough to de-ice all your OH roads, and still have some leftover to help the snowtrapped Texans.

    Salt disables you to sandbag btw (@ least for me.) I'm just naive enough to think I could win against a MK. :rolleyes:
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