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  • Detective conan. That's great! I think you'll like it. It's kinda slow moving untill you get into the hundred, so don't quit on it. lol
    I read it at one manga. Most other places just copy it from there. Thought I would let you know.
    it only took me about 2 months to watch the anime. Although, I skipped filler episodes since they weren't in the manga. Some were kinda stupid and dumb too. We'll, I hope you enjoy the reading it if you start. Also, just curios, sre you going to read it online?
    She likes it so far. There are 558 episodes so far, but I wouldn't recommend watching it before reading it. Some episodes are changed, and not all the episodes are subbed, that is is you want to watch the English subbed not English dubbed. But if you want to watch the Englished dubbed version, It only goes to the end of season five and stops. Not to mention the names are different. For example, the main characters name in the Englished dubbed version in jimmy kudo, but in Japanese it is actually shinichi kudo.

    Did I mention they are almost at the end of season 18.
    I'm not all the way sure I'll read it over, it is alot. My mom is starting it though. She is on chapter 11, though she rarely reads 10 chapters in a week. It would be cool if you started reading it. It's long, but it's a great book.
    hehe. well, now I have to wait every week for a new chapter to come out. I'm thinking about reading it over. It's probable going to end in 1-4 years. the author already has the ending planed out.
    lol. yeah. I had alot of time to read it, and read about 10 chapters a day some days. But some people read it faster. I don't know how though...
    it took me about a year to get to 700. The manga actually started in 1994. The anime started in 1996. : )
    Really! I've read the manga. It's an amazing manga, or so I think. So far there are 717 chapters, I've read all of them so far too.
    I'm not sure when I could, but I plan on uploading some video sometime, so when I do, I'll link you to them. ok?
    hiiii :D
    I had fun playing monopoly too! I was hoping you were gonna shut the god kais down haha. Next time we'll gang up on them ;)
    You couldn't find a ride?

    Just when M2K appeared too. ;__;

    Maybe next time?
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