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  • hey since you seem to know alot about Detective conan, do you have a website where i can watch the majority of the detective conan in japanese but with english subtitles?
    D'aw! >__< That does suck kind of badly. And so it won't let you login to the regular program, either? There is always tomorrow! Or you could log into aim itself. Or AIM expressions (that way you don't have to download AIM) !
    Whaaaat?! Really? So you can't use it at all today? That sucks! TT__TT Huh!! Maybe if you logged in from the site first?
    That's good~! I've been okay! -^___^-! I kind of have a tummy ache from the food I ate, though. XD;; Thanks for asking!!
    I promise I won't! I'll try and get on it now! Everyone just left. >__< So I should be able to start on it today or tomorrow. Yay~! :3
    One Manga has tons of mangas! So that's a good idea to check it out! Thanks a bunch! >__<v
    Ooh~! Skipping through fillers is a good idea! And yeah! I was going to read it online! Although I'm not used to reading manga online. >__<
    Wah!! That is a lot of episodes too! XD And aweh! Yeah! I remember that in the English dubbed! Okay, I'll read the manga first then! I don't think I can watch that many episodes. O__O! Maybe one day we can do a Detective Conan marathon..! And season 18-- phew. XD A lot of seasons..!!
    Ooh~! Does your mom like it? And yeah!! I probably will then!! How many episodes are there~?
    XD Whoa! Read it over? That'll take so long again!! And 1-4 years is a long time! O__O!! Wowee, I never heard of a series so long! Maybe if you read it over I'll try and start reading it!
    Whoa~!! That's crazy! I kind of did something like that with Fruits Basket! It's 136 chapters and I read that in a month. >__<! But I was kind of bored and had no life! Haha..! But 700 is a lot more than 100!
    Whoa!! A year, huh? >__< Gee golly! I like the series, but a year is a long time! And wowee, 1994! That's before you were born!
    Wah~!! That's so many!! O___O And you've read them all?? Waah!! >___<!! That would take me months to catch-up!!
    Oh~! I never read the manga, bit Andrew told me there are lots of it! I watched the anime when it aired on Adult Swim some years back! I enjoyed it a lot. -^___^-!
    Aweh! Yuuup!! I agreed! I had fun, too! -HUggles.- Thanks for showing me your Ocarina, too! It was sooo cool!
    Yaay!! It's Annet!! Hai hai!! -Huggles.-!! I hope you had fun! It was nice meeting you! -^________________^-!
    o thanks im happy ans honored to be friends so how are you annet ?

    ps im the omelet chatroomv2.5 you can meet more lucas user's jiji

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