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Dark 3nergy
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  • Yo, I understand where you're coming from with the purist mindset but there's no need to bash on those who don't choose to simply settle for what Sakurai (or any other developer) hands out. If there are tools available to make a change, then why not at least give it a shot?

    Anyway, that whole Sonic GD thread is one giant pile of salt anyway lol, it's been entertaining to read. Holy **** people overrate the Peach boards too much. xD
    MvC3 depends. As of now no I'm not going to, times are too tough to be shelling out money for a full price game so I'm going to wait for it to drop. Also I don't know if they're going to pull a SF4 and make a Super MvC3. The roster is somewhat disappointing, no Bison or Juri makes me a sad girl. I do however love Wesker, X-23 and Storm but I want to wait for a legit tier list to come out because I'm done with the days of maining ****ty characters (I blame Brawl for that.) Also from what I can see MvC3 is a "get hit and die" game with lots of zero deaths, loops, ect like Smash64 and playing that with my internet is sure to spell disaster so I'm going to have to wait for that. My ISP is ****ed up, Geek Squad said on average we are losing 94% packets. I can even get kicked from wired it's so messed up. This is a good example of what happens:


    See how my Bison got hit by a raw ultra? I jumped over that but because of input the command either lagged out or wasn't sent in time and it could of costed me the round when I was clearly schooling the dude. I lost a lot of ranked matches because someone goes for a focus attack and I go to armor break it but my sk lags out and I eat a focus crumple to ultra even though I have a ******** lead.

    Round 2 there is more input problems with my sk lagging out at 1:23, not being able to warp, backdash or block and I nearly get stunned. Now imagine me doing MvC3 like that, I'll get steamrolled. :/ That was supposely a green connection too rofl.
    Phew! Sorry, I'm so bad at answering back my VMs so I'm doing them all now!

    Mm! Man! That looks good!! Chocolate is my best friend!! Did you take any pictures? I bet you have an amazing family!
    I didn't do too much! I did get to see some friends, though!! Which was really fun!!

    And youchers! @__@ I heard sticks wer epretty pricey! But SF is so much fun! First game I'll get when I get my PS3. Sadly, Ren didn't come! (Seems like most people are quitting smash nowadays).
    And yay!! I definitely want to see! I'd love love love to have a copy! I will be your first costumer?? Yah!! And I'll do my best to present it everyone! (Dark Energy making it big!)
    Yeah! I definitely do plan on writing a screen!
    And sketches of each part!
    Animating just seems so difficult, but I will die oh so happy! I've also considered starting with children's books as well! (Since I'm going to be a doctor I'll have funds for it, too).
    Thank you so much for the site! These are amazing! -Huge bookmark!-
    And yeah!! Thank you!! Can't wait to see yours! How is it going so far?
    Merry Christmas!! What did you do? Sorry, I've been busy all week long!
    I'll miss you then!! How is SF?

    Yeah, definitely! You learn a lot from your first year! What year are you now?

    AND D'AW!! XDDD You make me so happy!! How cute! About bullying? I must know more, and I will be a sole fan of yours!
    And definitely it is!! I have two animation stories I want to do! They're kind of in that Hayao Miyazaki feel setting. One of them is about a snooty rich girl (around 10) who gets separated from her family from a storm. She ends up meeting a poorer girl, whom although has no money loves to give and give to others in need. The poor girl ends up helping the rich girl return home and during their time the rich girl learns about sharing, caring, and helping others.
    XD; Sorry, that was long! But that's kind of the gist! ='D I really hope I can do something like what you are doing!!

    And wow!! I heard about that on the news! That's insane! Apparently it missed Cincinnati completely. But snow is so much fun at least! Stay warm!!
    yeah Bison still looks really good. Pushback on light sk actually opens up more mind games and mix ups.

    also wtf @ this:

    Really? Is there a reason? Will you still come to tourneys? Sorry for the questions. XD

    I've been well! Just got done with finals, phew. n.n; Enjoying first year of college.

    And whoa whoa whoa!! You do children books?! Like illustrations and such, tooooo? I have to see!! I'm actually interested in making a childrens' animation movie, and I love looking at other childrens books. Oh joy! XD What is it about? That's so cool!!

    And it did this weekend, but it's kind of stopped now! What about you?
    =.=! Whoa! Found you! XD For some odd reason I thought you account poofed. But it was Energy with a 3. ='D Thank goodness, though. How are you and such? I just wanted to double check on you. We haven't seen you in awhile!
    well is there a way to enlarge the recording screen its so tiny and makes playing games live hard
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