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The Phazon Assassin

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  • I can test you now if you want. Or just play a few matches in general.... can't do more than 3 or 4 though.
    Yeah. I'll be back in about an hour or so if you're still around.... just going to get some dinner.
    read the boards noob! SatS2
    thread is in tourney listings and atl north. not sure which thread is more popular. post in the atl north one
    Hehe, no juans, TUSM. :p

    My phone's still out of commission atm, but I'm gonna go get it working tomorrow. We'll set up some practice time.... I'm free at some point everyday after tomorrow.
    I'll team with you if you're actually going to do it this time.

    I have someone else who wants to team with me from VA, so if you say you wanna team and then bail again, I'm gonna be highly upset. :mad:

    I say sure. I was gonna team with someone from VA (one of the Pika players I met at CoT4), but one of his friends really wanted to team with him, so he asked me if I wouldn't mind him bailing on me.

    I usually use Zelda in doubles (I tend to live longer as long as I don't get gimped), but there's always Pika. I'm busy for the rest of today, but we can practice any evening/night between tomorrow and Friday.
    If you think I would bail on 20-30 people for anything less than a serious reason, you have.... very little faith. Remember how you said last Saturday was the worst day of your life? This whole weekend was probably worse for me (but still not the worst, sadly).

    To make a long story short, I was helping someone out and had a severe inability to contact any of you guys. I just made it home for more than a few hours for the first time in days.
    Woah TUSM box. Are u really letting kendall cohost a tournament before me knowing she don't even come?
    well there isnt a defined cheesesteak fest per say lol, more just like a bunch of us are all going there to get some awesome cheesesteaks lol. prob around 20 of us. i cant remember the address or how to get there lol, so just look up pat's king of steaks on google, get the address, and use septa.org to find out how to get there. im not sure what time we'l be there yet, it could be as early as 8 or like as late as 11. we prob wont be there too long, maybe like an hour? whataya mean by like upcoming wave of brawlers? like your group who are awesome and kind of unknown since u havnt been to too many tournies yet? i havnt said much per say but im sure ppl are starting to see results, especially with near-upsets like ur set with dmbrandon. il let actions speak louder than words lol

    btw im done making the bracket for ur tourney, but needed the results for doubles, i forgot to get them.
    best of 3. some places might do best of 2 to save time, but for epic matches like this il keep it at a standard tourney set. people are eliminated from pools, so with 200+ people entering, after 1 or 2 rounds of pools only like 64 or something people will be in the final bracket. like it might be 8 people in a pool and only the top 4 make it out to the bracket.
    tusm wats good dis matt yo we all gone be at evan house practicing tonight at 8 he just told me u comin to
    Yo were going to start having practices once AC comes back. We need to find out who is going to team with who and who is good against certain chars etc. O and im glide tossing now. I swear i feel like im cheating. lol
    I actually signed up to here before i signed up on aib. I might just make a new account now cause my name makes no sense now.
    Yo what do u use more? this or AIB? And now i hate my name seeing as how i switched my main to peach. lol
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