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  • Hey, are you going to update the Link finder or are you over at AiB? :)

    Just wondering.

    you can pull an Arkive and just not ever update it, and say moved to AiB. *nods*

    (recommended choice stated above)
    Yes, I was. Not like I ditched you or anything. My brother's friend wanted to brawl, so I had to give up the wii. <_<
    Oh, that's called a custom title. You can only change it in one of a few ways.
    1. Become a mod, you can change it any time to anything.
    2. Place 2nd or higher in a WWYP contest.
    3. Become a BRoomer. (Maybe, a few broomers have them.)
    4. Be a premium member.
    Discussion about the metagame does not help tier list placings. It may or may not help players who participate in tourneys, and that is what matters. Tier lists do not ever take into account "______ can do this, or has a chance of doing that, or is capable of doing this" - no. Tier lists are strictly based on tournament placings, and how often the character is used/places in tourneys. Look at MK, for example. He has almost next to no AT's whatsoever. Look at his tourney placings. Now look at Link. He has a far, more advanced metagame than MK does, he's practically broken in the AT category. Look at his tourney placings and his tier list position.

    And it's better to have a metagame discussion all concentrated in one place, actually. I know it seems like "more discussions = more possible findings" except that a lot of 'discoveries' tend to be really old, and it's better for the more experienced Links to be able to explain why ___ and ____ does and does not work. That's why congregating to a single location would actually help Link's game more. What's the point of the SWF-only people right now discussing stuff the AiB people discussed last June? There is none. It's better if all the Link mains that exist know about the current metagame and discuss it collectively, because that actually increases the chances of a new discovery being made, rather than 2 groups in which 1 is behind and all of its discoveries are old news for the other group.
    Then you probably heard the correct version. Ok, just checking ^_^

    As for the needing more members - we really don't, actually. First off, it's freakin' Link. Not a whole lot of people are gonna pick him up, he sucks. Every Link main agrees he's a terrible character, even Deva and Legan and Arkive.

    20 members for you guys? Maybe in that group, yeah, but on the boards, I see like, less than 10 active ones.

    As for the deserted character board, it doesn't affect the SBR and tier placings whatsoever. Tournament placings are what matter, not the discussions being held or where the info for the metagame is listed.
    No offense, but you guys have gotten next to nowhere. I lurk these boards every day for new incoming Link mains so I can direct them to the proper place about Link's metagame. I'm not the only one who does this, some of the other old Links do this too.

    And just curious, who did you hear the story from? Because when I asked chris if he wanted to hear it he said "GAHHH I've heard about it 5 times already......and they're all different stories. So the one you tell me better be the right one, PLEASE"

    I wouldn't want you to know about the situation incorrectly due to a false account of what happened.
    It matters because if we want ANY of the people who matter - by that I mean mods and admins - to give even the slightest ounce of respect to the Link boards, we can't post here until they make some changes. Unless you're fine with the mods walking all over us?

    It hurts our cause. Chris knows the situation, and that's why I was curious. I can PM you what really happened that caused this whole movement, if you want.
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