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  • GGs earlier. I really hate fighting TL as Lucas... -_-
    Lucas can't really do anything if the TL decides to camp.

    You're definitely improving, just tone down the boomerang and bow usage.
    It can be good to camp, but you're not going to want to use them at point blank.
    Not really. Just refining my PK kids, since I main them both now. I kinda ditched Snake, but I still play him for fun.
    Hey there, good to see you again.
    I see you've met slader. He's a clan mate of mine. :)
    Good luck, it my own Snake to cp his Snake.
    I, uh... deleted your FC... :cry:
    But I'll put it back in if you want to Brawl.
    Yeah, sorry. I'm just trying to get into this cool-looking social group. I have to take a test for it.
    But now I'm done with that. So, Brawl after I have dinner? :D
    Oh hai thar!
    Sorry man. Shortly after I got Wi-Fi back, I had to take it downstairs. It'll be up sometime today, though.
    I will be gone for 2 weeks, so if you have a match, don't bother asking for one, just tell the host that you can have the win.
    Yea I no. While u've been improving the past few months, I've been breaking on video games so this is my 1st time touching brawl in a while. +_+ But now that it's summer, hopefully I can pick things up again.
    That's fine, I just got back from another weekend trip lol.

    Anyways, I'll b ok brawling this week so call me up when u feel like it.
    No problem, I was just saying that we should brawl at some point.
    It doesn't have to be tomorrow, next week, or even next month, just at some point.
    Yeah this is my tourneyment and it was just for fun and I lost the first round and thought it was over and found out about the double elimination part and have been doing well ever since. :)
    Srry for not replying the past 3 days. I was gone camping and I didn't know when we'd leave lol.

    Anyways, I probably won't have much time to play until Monday and after.
    Hey ShinyMewtwo, its good to see that you that you won your match against Gordo Michael and made good on my pass.

    I'd like to brawl you sometime just for fun and to see how we would have matched up.

    I've fought BoringErik before, and if you go pretty even with him then I'd expect I'd go pretty even with you. Besides, Ikes are fun to battle.

    Good luck on your next match - even though I'll be rooting for Erik too, lol.
    One hint though - watch out for the PK Fire.

    Cya on the forums...
    attention everyone!
    I will not be at all the next week, so If you are looking for a tourney match, then tell the host to look at this and drop me out.

    thank you
    Well I stayed up late playing brawl with friends while I waited to see if you'd come around.

    Looks like we failed to get this to work out.
    I apologize for not being there when I said I would.

    Guess I'll break the news to Samusbrawler.
    Sorry Dude.
    ****, am I too late?

    I'll keep refreshing.
    I hope I didn't screw our match over by being on at the wrong times and off at the right ones.

    I'll wait all night before I say anything to Samusbrawler though...
    I have your FC,

    Tell me when your ready. I'm refreshing my vm messages every 5 minutes or so

    Hope I'm not too late or something.
    Yeah, I had to go somewhere though. Remember how I said 1 to 5pm (7pm for you).

    Its okay though, because I should be free of my current responsibilities in about a half hour. Hope that's okay.

    Its just been one of those days that ended up being busier than I anticipated.
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