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  • I don't mod those boards, so I couldn't even if I wanted to, which, as you can tell from your other feedback, I wouldn't anyways.
    Given that a different moderator closed it, no I cannot reopen it for you. If you have a problem with specific moderators, please bring it up in the Forum Support board located near the bottom of the board listings.
    Did you miss the part where I said it's nothing new?

    And no, if you want it unlocked then appeal to another moderator.
    Can you at least consider that I'm not going to be responding to stuff within 5 minutes of you messaging me? Your thread is nothing new, rather incorrect, I really can't see anyone spending an hour on that amount of text unless you don't know proper typing positions, and no, I'm not going to let your thread run for a day given how your previous threads of similarly odd beliefs on competitive play have gone in the past.
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