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  • Haha nah, I've never been. I'm usually too busy working or with classes to do much. What school you when grad?
    It was not the swimming, I don't realy care, some of your post seemed jerkish, but your sick, so get better soon
    hell yeah, that was a great match. I love SS, hes too good. Itd be amazing to get pwnd by him some day lol.

    yeah, ive been working on moving around platforms etc wavelanding, and also you can do a short hop Fair - waveland with marth, so ive been expermenting with that.

    dude, one of my friends that i smash with is visiting oahu to party and smash, hes playing with some kids he knows up there, but would you+your crew etc be down with smashing w/them? if so i can give you his #.
    nice dude, SS is great, definately an inspiration.
    i have messing around w/all the top tier guys for awhile too. lately ive been getting my marth as fluid as possible, but i also play falcon(for manlyness), fox, falco(for tech skill!) & jiggly(for ****!).

    actually my friend has a pretty great shiek, so i started to pick up shiek a bit too, and shes actually pretty fun in some matchups. he doesnt like that ive been playing her though haha.

    i usually switch it up between those characters but i usually stick to one character for a while until i feel stuck or w/e.
    lol your sig is hilarious.
    i started out playing brawl actually...but then switched to melee.
    so im glad it came out, or i wouldve never found melee...at the same time, screw brawl, you wasted lots of my time as well!

    btw who do you main (besides jiggly)
    Yeah i live right next to mcchord afb (exit 125) off the freeway and i host the melee tournies in the state as well, feel free to hit me up sometime. My msn is zeroz85@hotmail.com and my number is 360-485-2075
    haha nice. i've been bboying for around two years. like you, i still cant get flares good but i can windmill and stuff though. what experience bboys tell me to do is practice, practice, practice. go to comps and stuff and learn from the cats who are making money with this **** lol.

    when i graduate im gonna get into it more.
    are you from hawaii?
    i live on the big island, and me n my crew are always looking for people to smash with
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