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  • Tis the pichu player from apex12 : P

    If You wanta go to evo13 I will highly support it Your stories are incredible.
    Hey man! That would be incredibly fun :) thing is though, I signed up for work this entire summer, and I have yet to recieve my working schedule. When I do, I can confirm/deny depending on wether or not my shifts overlap with Evo.

    If not, I will probably haul my ass over for another major soon enough anyway! Take care man :D
    My "Let's Play" Channel (click)

    Just wanted to let you know about my Let's Play series I've got going on. Basically, I play blind playthroughs of video games you guys request and that's it. :bee:

    I'm currently playing Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) and Yoshi's Island (SNES) and I've already finished a Mega Man 10 (Wii) LP as well.

    Just want to invite you in on the fun if you haven't heard about it. If you like the videos definitely SUBSCRIBE to my channel and post on my wall so we can discuss what other kinds of games you'd like to watch me play!

    Thanks for the support. Spread the word! :cool:
    That's extremely helpful, actually. Thank you so much. I really have my work cut out for me O_o

    I wonder about these things when I watch his vids, because I know there's an enormous amount of skill going on that I'm totally oblivious to. It just involves so much intimate knowledge of the game. I'm glad but envious that you've got someone like AR to study and play against in person.
    Since you've taken up Peach and learned from Armada, can you give me any strategies for how to practice with peach alone? There are no other players in Korea except hours away in Seoul :(
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