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  • it is a very good idea in terms of conditioning, but you may also want to adjust your space when you do it so Falco doesn't keep you crouching in one place so he can outrange you anyway.
    movement in this game is quite deep for reasons such as this. also consider that WD'ing moves the space in which you can make this dash fake
    most people set goals for themselves, and if they are to be great then they meet these goals and continually push themselves. there can be real-life or in-game limits like character choice time able to be spent improving etc that could limit someone, but the goals themselves aren't necessarily limitations unless a person is content once they reach a certain goal or a certain time in another part of their lives.
    all a part of improvement man. it's good you get frustrated about these things now so you can fix them and not be frustrated about them later =)
    changing lives and making people's days brighter is pretty great imo, but if you're trying to go above and beyond the call of duty then I salute you sir
    hahahahahaha I suppose that's not a bad way of putting that. you are right.

    I will try to reason more in the future so you have better content to read =)
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