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  • Well, awhile ago you said you should learn about the smash community,that is the way your going to learn more about where you are in the world andwho to fight to work on your metagame. So since your the most knoledgeble person I know, you would be a prime source for this subject.

    and since I'm a scrub do you know of people in our tiny community I could fight so I can get better, I mean praticing combos and tech against my freinds can only go so far.......
    DOGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Sup dude, how are you doing? I haven't played smash in a while, been playing my xbox 360 more lol.

    I'm going to this Apex 10 thing I dunno what it is but I'm going. Hopefully some smashfests along the way.

    How are you dude?
    I see....so how would you rank yourself in georgia?? I mean like in actual knowledge of the game, how well know are you, and just your game compared to lets say shroomed, or homemadewafles?
    Well I wouldn't let constructive critizism stop me. I couldn't go cause I was on punishment.

    By the way do you know who Big L is and could you beat him?? oh and how good is he as far as georgia goes?
    I didn't even go I had Aaron (the tall white guy from your first visit) cover and he didn't say anything spectacular happened. I'm gonna repost it is this a nono or am I good?
    I don't want anyone to foce themselves to come If they come they come and it should be to have a good time. but you never answered alot of my other questions or are those just qustions you don't even want to waste energy on saying no??
    wow I throw a sentence you throw a paragraph, I throw a paragraph you through a short story:laugh:HAHA:chuckle:

    Thank you man I really apreciate the wisdom that you have to offer.OK I don't truly expect big things out of MY smash fest since I am unknown and am a scrub, but I would like to see some new faces andget accuaited with other smasher but as for me I'm not a smash sage like you are BY GOODNESS so I don't know everything there is to know about the smash community. So with that being said do you think that I could like be more aqainted with you or even be an understydy of your's I'm just asking??:ohwell:
    welp again thanks for setting things strait

    Were am I supposed to post stuff like that because I'm not the only one does it?

    And if people wanna come they should make demands on what they're looking for or want when they actually do decide to come, I'm not a mind reader so they can really do whatever they want to do and we're really in a Convenient spot right next to a store and a mall so I don't see why my position is really that bad. I know WR has a bad rep but not that bad. while were on the subject what would make something like this worthwhile and worth coming to for you??:(
    well yeah your right I just need to let go of past mistakes they'll hold me back.

    Why am I still not on your freinds list.......you too good fo black foks
    How come you have yet to add me as a friend??

    Can you help me witha ppost i'm trying to do its for a tournament but for like smash fest at the net??
    Yeah man thanks for asking lol. Ima try to come up to Final round this year too since my sister lives in ATL only problem may be that its the weekend of my birthday so ill have to see
    alright thanks for that heartwarming comment but the fact of the matter was you knew it was going to be a porly run tornament from what your telling me and none of you guys will ever return unless I get something that will never happen to happen. I can't just get more people to come or get a greater community but were just going to try to get us a little spot nothin spectacular, but if never again will we make all the mistakes we made the only direction after an atrocity like that is up we won't stay like that cause we WANT people to come cause we like playing our games and having fun.
    welp if I had told you to check on it and checked on it consisantly I would've been able to contact him my bad. but I'll fix a lot of these problems next time thank you guys for the help and expetise.
    Welp its like I said before (and I did say it) that was also a benifit tournament for the church so half the pot was divided and and 25 dollars was what was lefft to share with ALL 3 of the tournaments. That whole thing was an experiment for the most part it started when a whole lot of us would come just to play for fun then Mike asked us if we wanted to run a tournament and we sucked even if it was our first and I wouldn't feel bad if you ever came back even BJ to work with us. Even after all that if you still have some hope in us we need a third candidate for a tournament I say Halo is that ok I don't really know about the Halo community in WR??

    also LG is gone what happened.
    I feel stupid but then again I don't, what is a capture card and how would I get my tape to transfer into the computer.
    oh not just a projection screen but an actual projector too, and how would I record these matches on melee with a VCR?
    It has one projection screen and a crapola tv but most of us will be bringin in enogh tv's and extention cords but the place has it's own Wii and 360.
    I would always have that as a neutral stage,so I think I have that post about covered thanks for the help and advice man and hope to see you there.
    Its fine if you don't want to bring it, but are you still gonna come? PS and CP what does that stand for? oh what are you doing for new Year's eve I'm going to my church and we stay up and have a new Year's breakfast.
    The neme of the place is actually called The Net and for the time and all that I will be putting in and actuall tournament post.But If you want even more specifics you know that church next to the mall called The Rain It on the same street as it(I'll give you the street in the post) and is supported by it.

    RB2 is Rock band 2 and its not garbage It has a greater skill gap to follow after Rock Band and tournament style for it is pretty strait forward, Face Of mode.

    If you can and please do bring SC4 or SF4 you can pick the one you want to bring but please bring at least one one these we have no problem with you bringing both though,AND if you are bringing it come within 45-an hour before to set up. thats about it If you got any other questions(and I know you do) please feel free to ask.

    The directions to the Net are pretty staight-forward. It's right next to a Gas station behind the Galleria Mall, its also down the street from a bank near the lambs well.

    Are you planning on bring ing any peeps with you because that'd be cool too. so far we Have about at least 7 people coming (yes I know its small but the more the merrier) So far we got Melee, RB2,(uhg)brawl I wont play,and we are trying to getSF4 or SC4 Its 5 dollars entry and 5dollars to sign up for a tourney.

    Welp thats about it we gonna have snacks and the sort just ask me If you got anymore questions (and I know you do) don't worry about Melee we got the ruleset and everything I got you.
    so what did ya'll do for CHRISTmas. I just went over family's house and ate
    all I got for chistmas is you (just playin) I got a watch chess set and axe products.
    I'm not going to burn you man I mean I would just like to see you in a tournament setting and the prizes aren't spectacular it's just freinds and anyone else we can get to come.

    the first on is going to be at the net I'll tell where its at if you wanna go and that one's the 1st of Jan

    the second is yet again another crappy LOI tournament run by the officers of LOI and sadly I'm one. this one will not have a date until I've confirmed a date I'm not going to leave people hangin again.
    Would you be Interested in comng to two tournaments I'll be co hosting. ( remember its easier to say no than yes and Jesus rewards hard work)
    Don't you just wish we were getting the PS3 version of Vesperia? The extra content they added doubles whatever was available in the original for the 360.

    It makes me sad to have been an early supporter knowing something like this would happen (Remember ToS for PS2). But we, in america, won't see it. It'd be hot if we did, and us 360 supporters get the content as some sort of DLC. I could pay some for all that extra content. Although, I did buy the collectors edition. <_<

    What an impulse that was.
    lmao, my sig is too amazing :D

    i've been pretty good, mostly dealing with schoolwork n ish though >.<

    how about you?
    Ok what about getting a starting job should I just keep putting in applications or is there some sercret thing you have to do? (not coledge)
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