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  • I played tons of freindlies I didn't go againts chops BUT I did have a couple matches with PB he was alittle too much but I was able not to get fo stocked.

    After the brawl day I really couldn't come back it was sunday Church and preparing for school. My grades do suck but I still wanna play.
    I don't know what to do really? Do you have any advice on life shoot I could really use some.
    i don't think i have a gif appropriate to display how **** your sakura is
    So I'm sstarting to use doc do you have any tips because I got most of his techs right any pill mental games you got?
    Interesting ok then so what about
    LG's halloween bash are you gonna do anything for melee but play.

    welp if you think that georgia sucks so much why don'tcha go to Cali or somewhere for tournaments.
    wow I'm no good in brawl in the first place.
    Why do people just not care anymore?
    Did you know Kyd is back? and since I'm coming and acouple others how many people need to be there for them not to cancle meele?
    welp the halloween bash is coming up are you intimidated by your opponents?
    I heard some renowned smashers were coming like M2K
    You that like being a moderator is nothing special I can tell that lots of people from all over the country know you.

    What got you hooked on playing smash, what was your first time playing it like
    Duuuuuuuuudee. Get back in the games section bro! I'm bored. :[ Oh, I'll be a follwoer of your dogyism practice. LOL oh wait xD
    ok see you when I see you
    and if you go will that cashier guy go with you, that's what he said when I was there that off day?
    interesting since your so pinned up this weekend I'll shed some joy our tournament has been moved to next next saturday the 3rd of october how is that fo you
    Now that I've got my laptop taken care of. (A few minor...and rather stupid issues....) I can visit more frequently. I'll keep a better eye on the stupidity, xD.
    nice, nice. well if u can that wud b gr8, if not fair enough i guess!

    hey grumpy hope u are well, i got 2 questions if you can.

    -any chance of un-stickying some of the stickeys on the roy boards and putting them into one? i tend to post quite a few threads, and theres only space for 6 topicswith the stickys.

    - and why no posting on the mario boards.. :(
    welp I was listning but I don't know anyother better source than smashboards.

    and why does the smash ball never glow for you but yet your always online.
    welp I standard rules formelee & brawl set buy the guys at smash boards I hope that it will be sufficiant.
    well I have put it in ATL south in smash boards but it does need tweaks, and your right about the advertising thing do you know of any other way besides flyers cause thats what we plan on using.(there just not made yet, and if you have a problem with rules or anything like that I'm ALWAYS ready and open fo suggestions or any thing like that.
    When I said that I ment that you could just tell people about it as in promoting it. This is like my first tournament so I wanted you "experienced" guys to come so you can show me how it's done., give a few poiters and stuff like that so that next time We can run it flawlessly.

    I'm not conceded I just want my tournaments to be fun I could care less about if some great people came, fo real (but I wouldn't just stand there either) so if you thought your comming was some ploy of mine to try to get good smashers to come your wrong because there just going to take my money.

    So you can of course also go to that other Tourney too but it would help us out if you came to ours.
    The 26th of this month at 11. It is at the tabor building at Northside. not to far from LG do you know were Northside High is?
    of course I told you before remeber 5 dollars a plyer bring more than ten and that's about 35 dollars 1st and 15dollars 2nd. and Imma use standard rules for both melee and brawl (not that we care fo brawl right)
    I'm just saying (I know ya wont come but you could tell other people) that LOI's tornament is on the 26th it will be hosting melee AND brawl
    :yoshi: The majority of information on supershielding is in the stickied Project Y.O.S.H.I. thread in the Yoshi board.

    The information should be in part four, which is in the second post of that thread.

    Let me know if you need anything.
    The only thing that prevents me from going is that my GF's great grandma's birthday is tomorrow so picking the tournament over that is pretty icky.
    OH ok. xD Right then, I'll try it then. I'm pretty determined to be good with Doc, I know Bob$ changed to marth sometime ago, but I'm not letting that let me down. I have my reasons, and everyone else does too. I want to make a mark in this world, and if I can't do it by having a kid (lol) then it will be smash! blah blah blah.
    Ok, well I mean, making something like a list of what a character would do in certain positions, what I should expect from them, know the possible risks and consequences, and also try and put in the counters for the moves or techniques used in the process.

    For example -

    General Character Case 1 -

    If a character is in: The air; He can -

    come down with an aerial attack (up to four)
    come down with a special attack (depends)
    Fast fall
    Double Jump (if jump is left)
    (I then would finish the whole general case, and to make it specific, add the moves and what ever tidbits of info of whichever character is needed)
    Something like that, I was writing it in a notebook and instead of practicing my tech for another day, I thought hunting for more information would make me that much stronger.

    I'm sorry if what I'm saying seems oddballish, I just want to get good with my mind, not just my hands. (basically I'm weird lol)
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