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  • Hey man, I was wondering if you could tell me about what big tri-state tournies that are comin up. I'm headin up your way this summer, and I'd like to plan ahead.
    Aye...Ive never heard of what you do...

    Down in the gutta south we hit blizzunts only son, big fat ones filled wit dro, kush, krypto wiit out the coke...cuz that **** is wack...and jamaican fire/purp...

    THROWIN em DOWN wit dem HAXXX$$$$$$$$$ Combos BABY!!!!!!
    You just need the right spray paint: A light pink, a magenta color, and black for the visor. For the Falcon emblem, we can just trace mine; that's easy enough.
    It is definitely way too good. I can't wait to see it if you give it the Pink Falcon touch.
    aww you made all the canadians cry.

    Funky is cool, I liked him more than Candi in the game, but Candi was more appealing on the TV series.
    word, I wasn't at CoT4, I know Niko and Percon were there but I was busy from running my weekly practices.............

    i'm going to Genesis though
    yo so are you getting serious about Brawl? if so don't listen to the boards much.............I know how good you were before you left so try and conversate with Rebaz and I, mainly because we're the only true Falcon mains of this point.
    Ahhh sorry man. Parent johns or I'd have AIM. I'm on here most of the time though, so visitor messages or PMs here work if you wanna talk. I'm workin on it though.
    how bout quit life jtails

    whats good liqui, its zerohax

    jtails im kidding, i love u and its been a while bro :(
    Sup Dude. Its Liqui. ^_^ (Guy who asked you to teach him how to main Snake)

    I forgot to write down your Aim, lol. My SN is Skyfire993. and yours?
    wat guy ?? lol ... me right ... also i wanted to ask u wat did u think about us teaming ... did u like it ... cuz if u didn't i understand ... mayb our playstyles dont make sense together ... i'm not sure ... but we can work on it if u'd like ... also i was at pc's house yesterday ... and i definitely got the beast *** training ... so yea ... also i got my marth back thanks to him ... he really helps ur state of mind cuz he is mad honest and compliments u about things so that stuff helps me out ... but umm yea so i got my marth back *****!!!! =]

    and ummm yea just lemme kno about teaming and stuff cuz dj wants to team with me again like b4 ... but i think we would b amazing once we get to kno each other on the field ... altho me and dj are amazing too ... just lemme kno LOL LATERZ
    yo i tried texting you. hopefully you got back safe.

    also, my fan, memory card, and controller were in the hotel room. did you happen to see them before you left? :(
    sup man. your gonna be over here for worlds right?

    I know a friend of mine is probably gonna be vending over there so maybe I'll stop by :)
    HaX0r!! waassup man. gratz on pokemon, lets do battle sometime! diamond/pearl right?
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