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  • I have the file you are looking for. Not sure if you'll like the quality.

    ONE PROBLEM - I can't seem to get the thing uploaded. Sites are either having trouble or the file is too big.

    So I'm not sure how I'd get it to you.
    Goood ****ing **** bro! I can't wait to see the new Ali in action! I'm still here and I'm not playing much melee but you know me, I can get back into shape in a few weeks :)

    Come to Tipped Off 6! =D
    My Favorite terrorist, Ali! <3

    you coming back for real or are you just trollin'?
    Haven't seen the leprechaun lol.

    Anyway, are you available April 15th? Bill decided to host a Billfest on the 18th.
    Hey man Bill and I were wonderin if we could chill at your place on the...18th. That's a Saturday in April.

    The three of us need to advance some Brawl metagame here, and it'd be nice if you could call Twig and Boss Nasty and his bro (and Peter of course!) so we can get some hawt Melee mess goin too.

    Whatever. Sorry you can't stay man. I really did wanna see how we'd do in both singles and doubles.

    Just make the most of dat Melee then, ok?
    Yeah ok man. I think my biggest teams problem is that I don't have a concrete strategy like this one to work with.

    We could just be amazing, like LoZR and I at TO4. Wouldn't that be fun to give M2K a run for his money? =p
    Yeah man, straight ****.

    Do you want me in the air or on the ground more when we team? Is it person/character dependent? I don't know what to do for this team lol.
    What did you mean by that post in the HERB thread?

    I'm steppin my Melee game up, but I won't hold you back in Brawl man. We'll just practice a little and see what happens.

    How are things goin btw?
    Lol wtf Ali. You know you're too good at both games.

    See what you can come up with by the end of this month ok? I'm sure SC will probably pass right by you on the way. Maybe you can go with them?
    Hickory and Charlotte are going two different directions....

    Please try to find a ride for HERB. I want as many NC bros there as possible. I'll discuss the matter in full with the Kids on the way to Billfest and with anyone there who might be able to help to be sure as much of NC gets to HERB as possible.
    You know I wh0re myself out to the Kids every tourney. =p

    Picking you up is on the faster way, too, but there's nothing I can do since I've promised them I have to get them already.

    Do you think you'd be able to get a ride to HERB? I'll take you then if you can't in exchange for not killing me here+repping Nc in Brawl.
    I'd prefer that you do find a ride for HERB though because the Kids have NO alternative.

    Peter's going with you to judgment right?

    Well then, uh, you guys should team for Brawl.

    Why is he teaming with you in Melee though? I'm confuzzled.
    What about for Melee?

    Darn, I might have to team with Sushi then. You wouldn't want THAT, would you?
    I know.

    I want LoZR to pick you up right after you get home.

    Do you know when that would be?

    Fullmetal's housing us, but don't count on us waiting at your place. I think LoZr is gonna pick you up there on his way to my place, where I'll take us to GA.

    That's the current status report.
    Too true mang.

    I'm probably calling you tomorrow about TO4 to make sure the details are right.
    Haaaa I knew you'd do it!

    Yayuhz is really good at Melee though, no worries. Funny and technical and smart as crap.
    Rice ain't goin mang.

    Nite ain't teamin with you mang.

    Cornel is too black for you mang.

    Team with Yayuhz. It's the right thing to do.
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