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Shadow 111
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  • for SKTAR? Um...I don't think so. I'm teaming with Mekos and MVD/Seibrik are teaming with each other. I think that's everybody from Florida, sorry.
    oh i was just curious who was acually planning on going? i was gonna bring doom if you need a ride i can prolly get you a spot in the car
    Yeah, they're certainly easier/less aggravating with MK... mostly D3. Once you learn the Marth matchup it isn't bad at all though. It's like 55:45 for Marth, and very manageable. There's also like three different ways to set up wreckage on Marth once you get him offstage.
    It's not even hard, quit being such a braggart :p MKs and ROBs especially love getting **** on with invincibility frames.

    Besides, I'm the creative Wario, you'll never out-innovate me! Crazy that you'd drop MK for Wario though, mad respect for you.
    You're lame. Post more in the Wario boards now. There's more good stuff to steal there ;)
    Don't listen to DMG's guide, he super fails and has mega bias.

    MorphedChaos' Guide is much better with respect to Wario. D3 vs Wario is slight D3 favor. You can get above or below his Dair, or count his jumps and then punish. Use edge invincibilty to keep him offstage and then wreck his up b. In this matchup above all others it is crucial to land the waft. D3 punishes mistakes harder than anyone except ICs, heh.

    Basically you play a poke and bite game against him, or you can aircamp if you have he patience DMG/Fiction/Futile do. Don't fall into their little traps that try to get you facing the long part of the stage.
    Hey, you probably don't know me, but I've heard that you're going to Gauntlet this Friday. If it's possible, could I carpool with you?
    i watch the anime. the ending was pretty anti-climactic but overall i thought it was a great series
    I do both. I started reading the manga, before they came out with the anime.
    But now the manga blows cause the only realease 1 chapter a month.

    The anime is mad sexy though.
    Dude I Love soul Eater more than you.
    I can prove IT!
    Jk, do you read it at all, or do you just watch it?
    yea i still havnt fought in it yet, somethings wrong. maybe my version of it is bad *cough* cause i got a certain way even though im sure plenty others did the same lol *cough* but that doesnt make sense as i can boot into the game and everything. it freezes when it loads the fight and im changing equipment and stuff. i could try single player i guess
    lol i cant read anything in dissidia, im so lost. and when it was loading a battle, my psp shut off?
    shadow 111! i finally found u! remember me, i met u at antonio's house? i sucked as d3 and u pwned a pikachu?
    My fault, I haven't been on smashboards for over 2 days so I didn't see your message :(
    Im sorry that ive been missing the times. You forfeit? You want to go to the loser's bracket or just be out? I'd be perfectly fine with going to the loser's bracket if you want to stay in.
    I heard from Rockin that there is one spot left in Pride's car. Would you please ask him if I can take that last spot? Thanks.
    I'll only be available at around 5:00 Eastern time tommorrow. Is that an ok time?
    Today's not really a great day for me to do our matches. Neither is tommorrow. I'll only be available Thursday afternoon. Can we do them then?
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