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  • Try to get your Marvel tourney match done as soon as possible. The PS3 tourney doesn't have that many more matches left.
    Your match is best of five since it's winners finals.
    Sorry to bother you, but can you please remove your signature? It breaks the 'censor dodging' rule.
    Hey, sorry for abandoning the Custom Robo thread... >w> I only had so little input while most of you guys had more to say. That, and I don't own a DS. (But I do own Custom Robo Arena.)

    I really hoped to attract fans of the series to thread and hopefully spark some competition amongst each other, to eventually even host mini or side tourneys at events and such. But seeing as it's basically a dead game to most, I don't think that idea will reach light. ; 3;

    If you have any ideas, go ahead and post to whomever and wherever you need. ;D
    yes, I've seen the vid

    and wow, this is truly something
    see, I knew I was right about you not posting old stuff:)
    nice find, at least, it's new to me :D
    Elfen Lied For the win lol

    umm sorry ArtieBoy just jroping in like this but i like know all the manga'a and everythink about Elfen Lied

    how are you??
    when you're online to avoud the lag so much try useing more a move's then smashes and b move's coz they are fuster and mormily more to the point lol
    Recommended: Final Fantasy III and IV (Square Enix), Civilization Revolution (2K), The Age of Empires: The Age of Kings (Majesco), Space Invaders Extreme (Square Enix/Taito), Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow/Portrait of Ruin (Konami), Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice games (Capcom), and the Madden games (EA). Those are my favorite non Nintendo games.
    It would be sweet to start a DS group, but I really don't know how.
    Hello, srry I Have't accepted the friend request in a while.
    I haven't been on Smashboards recently.
    wether they are or not, if I dont know you or you dont say who you are, I am not gonna deal with you when you IM me.
    You cant blame me, you was acting dumb. I ask you who you were, and said the same crappy line again. so I assume you was one of those net trolls I rn into alot, so thats why I blocked you.
    Eh, except for perhaps that one match, I played VERY HORRIBLY that day (my friends still talk about it) I even lost first round to an opponent that I am superior to in terms of skill.

    Also, I'm way better at Marth dittos now, lol. Studying, and practicing are two very different things. That day, I was determined to show Jin how Marth could easily beat Marthby using his Ftilt to outspace and hit out opponent Marth's trying to Fair, but I've come to the conclusion that Fair is just too quick, lol. Now, not only do I space better, but it's now one of my best match-ups, rather than my worst. Jin is still pretty solid though.

    Hopefully, I'll get a chance to face you and Jin again one day soon, when we have weeklies again.
    Oh, I know who you are. You fought Munk's Kirby trying to make a statement when me and my friends claimed that CF was the worst character in the game.

    That was very courageous of you, CF is the worst character in the game, lol.
    lol, cool. What's up? Do I know you, or are you just cool enough to post on my page for no reason, lol?
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