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  • and the mm was not with that intention lol. it seemed more of a "hey, let's mend relations to the point where we can still play"/"hey, i hope you will not put me in jail". it's not entirely unreasonable for him to watch out for himself either
    well, i didn't read the part about saving him from medical bills. personally, i would have gotten those from him. that would have been punishment in my eyes. and once again, his attacking you was not premeditated. and i never suggested that you forgive him or be his friend. i just think it was evil that you pulled the law card.

    but if you are doing what you have said in this last post, then kudos to you.
    yes, potential death and verge of death are not close. people in icu are on the verge of death. people who smoke cigarettes have a potential of death.

    but if you think about it logically, if you had walked away, then you wouldn't have a concussion. did you feel you needed to martyr yourself?

    and he exercised poor judgment when he hit you. yes. that is his reason. he did not think it through.

    as for the reason for the last part. think about it. both of you acted poorly in the spur of the moment. he's trying to make amends. and you're not. doesn't that explain the situation well?
    "verge of death"? im sorry, but i find it unlikely that someone of your age and stature is that frail. you can always take the safe and tried method of ignore and walk away. that never ends in concussions. again, i don't think it's ever worth it to fight physically about SMASH come on now
    lol, who is my friend? i don't even know eggm. im looking at facts objectively bc i liked you way more than eggm before this incident.

    are you saying the law should side with you had you been the size of eggm and eggm your size? again, you're using the law as a reason why you're ALLOWED to harass someone. either you knew this in advance and was evil enough to try this, OR you realized afterwards it was a mistake and that you should try to burn him for actually standing up for himself
    i recall several posts of im sorry. im sure he johns and complains. but you touched him first. physical contact always takes things to a new level

    i never said you were irrational. i just find it strange that you would touch someone and not expect some sort of physical retaliation. it seems that if you pinch someone and they don't like it, they do something back. and if you add in the verbal harassment, it seems reasonable that they retaliate. the severity of such may be questionable, but no doubt you either expected a blow back or you preyed on the fact that eggm is docile and possibly pacifist.

    i don't deny that eggm was wrong or acted too harshly, but don't act as if he's the only one who exhibited poor judgment.
    i know about marijuana. which is why i made it a joke. the fact that you're hanging your case by hiding behind the law is why it's sad. 18 is an arbitrary age. were the age of being a minor say 13 as in older societies, then he would have no reason to be worried. the fact that you instigated the whole incident and feel no remorse for something that is in part your fault is the reason why it is what it is.

    i don't mind that you would make him responsible for his actions. but to feel that being a minor when clearly you are intelligent and capable of rational though exculpates you is just pathetic.

    i mean yeah, i bugged a guy and pinched him and he decked me. but now he's going to jail. justice
    You know anybody who lost their phone at pound? I think somebody accidentally dropped their phone in my bag and when I checked it out, the only contact I recognized was you before the battery gave out, wasn't able to get the number off it. If you do, ask them for the carrier and the phone manufacturer, if they have the right info I'll send it to them.
    That's legit. I'd like to purchase one from you if you ever do find the base helmet for it. Price doesn't matter all that much to me, especially if it was made by the hands of Hax$.

    One problem though: I live up in Canada. I'm wondering if you ship up here?
    Yo Hax.

    I'm a Falcon player, and just want to say that you're falcon is f-ing amazing. You definitely the smartest falcon and definitely a contender for best falcon in the world.

    I'm also wondering if you still sell those sweet Falcon helmets that you wear to tournies. I'd love to buy one off of you. Hit me back on it.

    :O It's okay, Falcon players (You mostly) has to **** ;D I'll be rooting for your *** as a Brawl Player YES I SAID IT HYAHAHAHAH!
    you know... I'm scared that Kage will **** you ;D I don't want a Falcon to just leave chaaa knoo?
    for your question about smash 64, emulator is called Project 64k, Rom is called Super Smash Bros (U) [!]. Im not giving you the actual sites for a reason.

    Most people play on Galaxy64, which you can find in stickies. Have fun.
    Yo, whenever you start playing smash64 online let me know. I wanna play you since your from NYC and all lol.
    Haha whats up Hax!? You ready to lose a MM to me at Pound? We'll make it fair, you MM me in sparring and I'll MM you in melee. Both will be one sided but at least I'll have a chance to break even :D
    Nah, I know I refused all money matches that day. I wasn't at the level of anyone who would be challenging me to a MM, so...yeah.

    Although I did play you once or twice and got wrecked :)
    I was at pokemon worlds at San Diego. I was the one who brought in the wii for a while.
    Do let me know if you find the zephyr we're looking for lol.
    It's like 4 minutes from Milos' house and 15 minutes from where RoM was, north on the Hudson.
    Hey, I'm at my aunt's in Irvington til Friday, is there a way we can get people together for a smashfest while I'm here?
    hey what did you make the actual falcon out of for the captain falcon helmet? I have the speed racer helm and spray paint/primer but what besides that?
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