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  • Hmm, something is wrong with my connection this month, its been screwing up since december...:(

    I need to get a new one, it may take a while, but ill surely get@ u when i get an exchange :)
    Kk, im gonna browse for about 6 more minutes, then ill add you
    Add my FC, ill be there in a sec, ill host when we play :)
    ha, are you any good at the card game? I got 5th at worlds 2 years ago while I was in seniors, and i'm currently 1631 (i believe) and like 26th in NA for masters. i haven't gone to any cities yet. hit me up though.
    yo, was that you who I MM'd and never got paid? ahah it's cool you don't have to pay me, AIM me @ "zerohax" though
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