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Recent content by Sixonesix

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    Setups for solar beam.

    ^ By the same token, dthrow -> sourspot uair -> solar beam is a thing on people who DI in to avoid regular dthrow -> solar beam. Bthrow -> solar beam is another interesting mixup on certain characters since it catches survival DI on the bthrow.
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    Can you l-cancel dair?

    You can, but given the way dair functions there are very few situations where you would even worry about l-canceling it. Shffl dair is actually laggier than shff dair with no l-cancel. On the flip side, uair is harder to consistently l-cancel than most other aerials due to the fall speed...
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    What skin do you use?

    shinies are overrated
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    Batting seed bombs!!!

    Yes please
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    Super Effective! Ivysaur match-up thread. [Updated for 3.0+]

    Also I refuse to believe Falco is a bad matchup for Ivysaur when we have a tighter edgeguard game on him than freaking MARTH does and we have an actual tool to break up his momentum from lasers (Razor Leaf) and we're sort of floaty so we don't always catch the worst of his pillars. If Ivysaur...
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    "I don't care how strong you are. It's not strong enough!" Roy Match Up Thread

    Maintain your spacing, ideally you want to turn the match into a game of zoning HER out. She's got range but her overall frame data isn't that great (sound familiar?) so a lot of her stuff is punishable if you're patient. Also helps to avoid getting grabbed at all costs because Ivy does...
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    what does 3.5 mean for us?

    Also if it's ever possible to get back on stage with just dair and airdodge be sure to do that instead. This is punishable too mind you but at least it offers a smaller window than the tether.
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    Super Effective! Ivysaur match-up thread. [Updated for 3.0+]

    The ultimate goal against Wolf is to follow him off stage and nail him with a sourspot dair JUST as he pauses to do up b or side b, or bair if you think he'll take a swing at you in response. Either way, hit him in the startup of either recovery move. I don't fight Wolf players too often so I...
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    what does 3.5 mean for us?

    Dtilt is an interesting option at the percent when it will combo into sweetspot uair and dsmash is good for nailing an obvious missed up b sweetspot but if the Marth sweetspots consistently neither is very effective. It's fine as a last resort if you're somehow not confident that you can reach...
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    what does 3.5 mean for us?

    Uair him. It's very easy to forget it's an option but if he comes from low and close to the stage you can aim for his head (sometimes his sword will beat it out if you trade with that part of his up b)
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    Super Effective! Ivysaur match-up thread. [Updated for 3.0+]

    Man I really don't know how you guys are handling Luigi, even after playing a lot more against him I still consider him among the top 5 worst matchups for Ivysaur. He racks up so much more damage on Ivysaur than she can do back, I feel like all Ivy's good for in that matchup is hitting him out...
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    The Teachy TV: Ivysaur Video and Critique Thread

    As a general rule when edgeguarding other tethers, don't think too hard about it and just grab ledge. Wait for them to actually land onstage, then dair -> uair (or vine whip if you can't reach with uair). Kills off the top and gets you a ton of solar beam charge in the process, and is difficult...
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    what does 3.5 mean for us?

    Chaingrabbing is hard and not that productive. Unless you're like at the exact middle of the stage, throwing them over the nearest ledge is much easier and more rewarding than a chaingrab. Even if you are at center stage, dthrow -> dash attack -> dash attack is STILL easier.
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    what does 3.5 mean for us?

    Seed Bomb is really good for juggling opponents when they're just too high to hit with an aerial. While dthrow -> seed bomb isn't as rewarding as dtrow -> uair, it is much easier to hit for consistent damage. Additionally it's good for harassing people when they've already used their double jump...
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    Ivysaur: how to play with him and what are some good combos?

    It's pretty decent against characters with a predictable recovery path because it trades surprisingly well with a lot of up-bs...and usually trading with that move means Ivysaur just gets popped up a little bit in exchange for a KO. I'm actively trying to fit it into my edgeguard game for when...
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