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  • yo this is my first time on here in a long time I just wanted to apologize for peacin out like we did... We were pretty overwhelmed by the skillz. You know I thank you guys so much for helpin w/ my truck! well i don't really know what to tell ya, but thanx man!
    Hi Hat

    We met on All Is Brawl, my first wifi match after being off Wifi for three months

    You wanted to add me on AIM so we could talk!

    But yo sup, I hope you remember me
    Hat, I left a silver controller at your place.

    When I see you next time, can you bring it?
    hat$, did the europeans/dj leave your house? i can't get in contact with any of them lol, we were supposed to smash today
    Lol I'm not much of a drinker, but my friends might, who knows. Oh and just to double check...is your place near the venue?
    That's no problem either. I'm 19, my friend is 21, and my potential third friend who may come along is 20. No parents to worry about. :3
    Haha it's fine, my memory isn't all that great either. Just keep in mind I'm a Peach main if you need any reminders since there are so few of us out there lol. Talk to ya later. :)
    Yeah I have transportation covered already. Ok so 10 a person a night, definitely better than a hotel. Looks like we have a deal then. Could I maybe get a phone number or something so I can give you a call when it comes time to be housed?
    Awesome, glad to hear it. May I ask for a spot for me and a friend of mine (and possibly a third person if they come)? Is it $10 a person or $10 per group? We don't really plan to use anything besides a bit of water to brush our teeth and a spot to sleep.

    Oh and are you providing housing throughout the entire tournament? We will arrive at MD/VA saturday evening and plan to stay until early Monday afternoon. Thanks in advance. ^.^
    Hey Hat, I was told by Dark.Pch that you're providing housing for Pound 4 for $10 a night. Is that true?
    Hat, I appreciate the help with tournament. I would love to do another event but not sure if it's going to happen if this community continues to bash me for arranging such events.

    Appreciate everything though.
    DUDE! You lied to me! You said Suguru died at the end of Mahoromatic! I am now sad that it is over. Thank you for telling me about Mahoromatic!
    i dont remember dude lol. anything tight from DTB works for me
    Lol I never got to finish your sig because I forgot what you wanted in the background. Do you still want amber in your sig?
    HAT!!!! Darker Than Black Gemini is soooooo facking good! I might rewatch the first season just for the hell of it now!
    yea let me know.. we can also get somemore matches too I like playing your kirby I feel you are underrated..
    VSA presents: Winterfest 2009! - Orlando, FL - 12/18-12/20 - Melee/Brawl

    ^ I want to go to that, if you find a ride or something then PLEASE try to include me, I'm very interested in going.
    Yo, nice doubles. Hit me up when you might come my way, I'd like to have a rematch or something (as far as singles go). Keep owning.
    Hey HAT, check out the MD/VA Tournament Directors group for me real quick, I had a question I'd like to see if you could answer for me.


    Also, I will be leaving updates as far as it goes for the community. Player bans, rule alteration ideas prevent camping.. etc. So be sure to check back here and there so I can get your input. I'd like that private group to be used often and not die out like many other groups I have seen.
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