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  • Dang man. Ok. I'll be there for teams and maybe some doubles. Hell I might just go to work late and say i was stuck in traffic Lol
    i'm going to your catonsville tourney. But I have to work in the after noon and singles start like. little before I have to leave. Is there anyway we can change this? Because I really want to do singles and doubles is usually just a fun thing for me.

    I'll bring my wii and recording device for matches and post them on youtube if we can come to a agreement. If not I'll still bring my wii and save replays on it to upload later mostlikely.
    dnt take me easaily wen u lose dnt be mad.......im looking for sum green do u have sum lol.....i was post be ******* with dees and sin to ur place
    i wanna rematch.....u actually got way better ......so how bout it for 5 .....
    10.....this is lie i was at dk smashes
    Hey, you didn't get back to me!

    It's fine though, I'm graduating high school in two weeks about, so I can go to more tourneys. Is that East Point mall hosting biweeklies? If not, anywhere near there?
    yo Hat, long time no see, are you going to CH3? cus me and a couple others may need housing =/ sorry that its really short notice
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