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Recent content by yummynbeefy

  1. yummynbeefy

    What do people mean when they say to "adapt"

    I feel like its way simpler than people are putting, but how would you define adapting in smash?? good examples?? because it seems that adapting is the thing and aparently not many people do it well
  2. yummynbeefy

    How was your holiday?

    i got my girlfriend my little pony knick knacks :D she got me a disco ball because im swanky like that
  3. yummynbeefy

    Ganondorf at Apex 2013

    i w i l l b e l o o k i n g f o r y o u o n t h e l i v e s t r e a m < 3
  4. yummynbeefy

    Ganondorf at Apex 2013

    your location is one of the best ones ive ever seen xDD
  5. yummynbeefy

    Revenge of the Indians

    gee wonder what character i played oh wait i shouted it anytime i did something relevant guess it had to be falco
  6. yummynbeefy

    d-tilt/god equivalence

    hiiiii renthhh xD
  7. yummynbeefy

    d-tilt/god equivalence

    WRONG ganon is the best character in melee
  8. yummynbeefy

    Brawl Back Room Interviews

    im voting nick FLAWDUH!
  9. yummynbeefy

    Brawl Back Room Interviews

    Ed are you a ninja?
  10. yummynbeefy

    Brawl Back Room Interviews

    i got the count as ed leading by 6
  11. yummynbeefy

    Brawl Back Room Interviews

    nuff said EDIT: i have the votes at dead even Ed vs whoever the hell that other guy is soooo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhzTBztjZLU yeahhhh
  12. yummynbeefy

    Help us get melee to the tournament!

    i voted, and i barely play the game anymore, i miss me some good melee T.T
  13. yummynbeefy

    Attention all Florida Players interested or involved in Melee

    tampa scene is a total joke, however now that i have a car, i think we can make it happen we can definately play every now and again
  14. yummynbeefy

    How guys treat girls in a fighting game community.

    fitting in is for squares, it takes a real man to stand up to cancer like a circular motion, kinda like how zangief puts peoples face in the ground, and gets peoples dyick in the dirt, the catalina wine mixer is comin up, and hopefully lets hope that said people rent helicopters so that we can...
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