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  • looks like you are against me in competition's end. The deadline is friday... can you do this on friday??
    Sure, maybe somewhere later today. Not now though, just woke up and I gotta do a lot of stuff n__n

    sorry didn't see your message

    Sure, let's play again, just gimme a minute to get on

    I cant play anyway right now, going to eat and then i have to do something

    Maybe today evening...dunno

    sephirothfan@hotmail.de add me MSN
    I've heard of Ferdinand, but I can't say I listen to 'em. The Lost Prophets are alright, imo. xP

    And yeah, I'm a total hard rock/heavy metal freak. xD Though I also love some alternative, punk, and rap rock/nu metal here and there, which is why I love the Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction, Blink-182 and the Beastie Boys, and Rage and Korn respectively.
    Haha, yeah. Admittedly, I haven't even checked out the entire "One Hot Minute" album, but I owe them to since "Aeroplane" is freakin' AMAZING.

    -Red Hot Chili Peppers
    -Guns N' Roses
    -Led Zeppelin
    -Van Halen
    -Motley Crue
    -Iron Maiden
    -Judas Priest
    -Skid Row
    -Modest Mouse
    -Jane's Addiction
    -The Beastie Boys
    -Rage Against the Machine

    In that exact order.
    My favorites in order are:

    -Can't Stop
    -Give It Away
    -Around the World
    -Dani California
    -By the Way
    -Breaking the Girl
    -Scar Tissue
    -Suck My Kiss
    -Under the Bridge
    -Parallel Universe
    -Wet Sand
    -Soul to Squeeze
    -Purple Stain

    And so many others I can't name. Although I can easily say that "Otherside" and "Snow ((Hey Oh))" aren't high on it; I just can't get into those songs. D: Nonetheless, the Chili Peppers will always remain my #1 fav. band.
    If you're receiving this message, it is because we have no received word back about your match results for Competition's end. Please contact and play your opponent by this Thursday, or you will be eliminated and/or removed from the tournament. Report your match results here: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=229095

    And thank your for your cooperation in making this tournament as efficiently-run as possible.

    Search up "Pokemon Trifecta" on google and go to the first one on devianart.com

    ah,I'm sorry for the confusion.
    I DID NOT make the actual pokemon drawings themself,There was a little list of them so I took the ones I liked and put them on a Space wallpaper thingy,slapped my username on and called it a sig.

    so sorry,If I do make you a sig,it wont look like the drawings I have since I have no idea how to draw them :/
    I'd have to use some other render.

    I'm not very good but i suppose i can try,Tell me ur request,im gonna go take a nap right now..im super tired.

    oh ok.
    we'll try again when u can.
    also,thanks...i made this sig just for fun.
    i like the end result.

    face when i said "ok" on wifi, i was talking to someone else.
    we can brawl in a bit though.

    Sure if you want sometime.

    I don't really take Brawl that seriously any more, but I guess I'm somewhat decent at the game. :D
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