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  • Awesome, well I hope you guys come. When you get there be sure to look out for me, I go by Bolt. I guarantee you will have a great time. :)
    So where are you from? You seemed a bit excited to hear about the Smash Event in Fredericksburg.. haha. :)
    ...a sorry for not accept it earlier for that be pay i can create a room for you join an meet a some friends ok
    lol sorry my game is broken. if the opponent or i picks ganon, ike or bowser my game breaks lol. it was best three of five btw
    you're pretty good
    i think it would have gone alot smoother without the lag.
    oops sorry i was locked out my house.
    uhm... i am free for the rest of the day. tell me when you are ready.
    lol it is cool man.
    you're lucky he extended the date or you would have been DQ'ed
    at least now you get a fighting chance.

    and yes, i should be free tomorrow.
    i have you for the pro brawl tournies thing.
    just gimme a notice when you want to get the matches done.
    It was addressed "over and over" when it comes to being a unmonitorable and unstoppable STALL. NOT an approach, NOT an match resetting tool, a STALL. THAT's what led to its banning; the inability to monitor it. They said NOTHING about it being broken in other aspects.

    As it stands now, the SBR just doesn't want to look back on this. They'd rather their decision be final then re-review it. Its like the thing with items. Until 2004, they were allowed. But the KEY argument that lead to their banning was the random exploding crates and capsules. Now, although those are gone in Brawl, the argument for keeping items off is simply preference. They'd rather not rereview because they just prefer it that way.

    While I don't mind the handling of the items discussion, it disgusts me that the SBR would handle IDC like this...
    IDC thread:

    Because the SBR didn't say it was banned for "making the game broken" (which can only be proven with results and vids). They said it was banned for inability to tell stalling from using it. My proposal addresses that reason.
    i don't mind as long as you just copy and paste my current list and we could just tell people to post in your thread for now or something and we could build off the match up specifics from there as long as you cite the list from my topic with the link...and if its possible allow me to edit also in case you don't get to it for a while or something
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