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  • yo I didn't know who your were at apex, but I realized the day after apex you help the luigi boards with some stuff. Thanks.
    Go nuts, dude. You have my full permission. Here's something cool:

    Go to http://www.colorpicker.com/ and find a color you like, then just copy the hex number for that color, and finally insert it into your post like this:
    {color=#E2820A}text{/color} 'cept with [brackets] of course.
    Sup, wanna help me build on my "Picking up Luigi as your secondary Guide/FAQs?" well i just need mostly help with format/font/color since l know you **** with that kind and kinda wanted permission to use same one like ToC unless u have another one in mind which is cool lol.

    more details later,
    You'll get a friend invite on steam from me, I'm making a new account so I don't have to share with my brother.
    Kigbariom is the name I believe, also I got the Valve Complete Pack so we can play ANY game!

    That is unless, you ignore it... :O
    Elheber! I wish to face off with your Luigi! (I've never played on WiFi, so it'll be interesting with the lag and whatnot :-P ).

    EDIT: By which I mean, get on the Xat so I can spam you.
    I found that out a while ago but i just forgot to post that on here and you haven't been in the xat... kig wants to call it Luigi Cross-Out XD
    Can't today. Perhaps I'll be available in 10 hours if you are. I would love to, though.

    Things have changed abit. <3 :]
    Hey peoples!

    I'm SORT OF back for the time being. I decided to quit Smash Bros cold turkey and concentrate on school since I was doing real damage to my grades by playing Smash Bros at school between classes, and at home instead of working on my projects.

    I say "sort of" because I don't want this to become an addiction again. I still want to play again. It's been half a year since I last played, and I've decided to switch to Classic Controller so I'll be horrible for a while. Hope to see you guys online!
    You homo. i see you lurking. Start posting already. EVERYONE has been asking where the hell you been. I even miss you <3. The luigi boards has been steppin' up the game. Hit me up on my wall or a PM to let me know what's been going on with you... or at least give me a screenname :[...
    hey bro im having problems with mi sig ... why is it showing up so small do you have any clue??
    Awesome, well luckily I have a linksys router :D. And well I live in Puerto Rico so if what your saying works it would be great.
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