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Shy Guy 86
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  • It's because I consider Zelda & Sheik the "real" character. That makes Zelda half a character. It's the same way that I wouldn't call Ivysaur a real character; the real character is Pokemon Trainer.
    lol cool. What is your gamertag? I want to change mine, but I dont want to pay Bill Gates any money to change it xD.
    Sorry dude, I just have to tell you why your username offends me.
    I was in a tourney and I was using jigglypuff. It was best of three in my bracket and I was brawling a lucario named roku. He won the first on FD, I won the second on FD and the third was on yoshi's Island. I was winning. we both had one stock and i had little damage. I used rollout recovery and.... I hit a shy guy which stoped me. I fell, died, and lost.
    I hate shy guys. No offense
    you just used my visitor message page like a thread...
    you aren't supposed to write on your own either, you're supposed to go to the person's who wrote on yours and respond there.
    sadness but it takes 812 lick to get to the center of a large toostie pop 212 for a small one
    Thanks for leaving a comment. I think smiley faces will be too stressful on the eyes with the bright colors and all. When I get around to it, I think I'll probably do what Mmac said and just put x,-,=,+,[star]
    Spamming, Talking in a really bad chat language, saying that other people are n00bs, try to fix all those up ;)
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