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  • Your PM box is full so I am asking here.

    When do you want to play? I'm free all night and all weekend.

    PM me.
    Holy Cow man! You have a great G&W that is exactly on par with mine, It was like the USC-Texas National Championship a couple of years back it was just that someone had to win and I got lucky that time. I hope I can play you again sometime!

    My favorite part of the match: When we spiked each other with the key
    PS: Have you ever been to any tourneys? Cause I haven't.
    If by get ahold of me I knew what you needed, but I'm willing to jump in if you need
    lol that sucks. I dont mind Brawl, its pretty, but Melee is so much faster. And combos! I miss the combos so much. xDD
    Actually, I'm more into Melee xD. I still play Brawl once and a while online with friends though. We can totally wifi but I dont have Brawl atm xP
    xD. From there you can cut that time half over the next few months =P

    Try getting one at Toys r us. It should be like 10 bucks there.

    If you go to youtube and search for "Trawst", he has some great tutorials for F2L. Its what the pros use. How they can solve it in under 10 seconds is beyond me xDD
    haha yeah. If you're already at a minute, you should learn F2L, the Fridrich method. It's similar to the layer method. You'll bring you're time down to the 40s at least. xP
    at least I was playing like some kind of GaW god after that. My reflexes were faster and I found some nice combos. I even 3 stocked my friend when he was tink. Next tourney I'm gonna remember this so I can beat everyone there. That also put me in a terrible mood
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