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  • 8112 Forelle Drive - Building #3
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647

    My Dad's not even going to be here and I can lie and say your a friend from school. lol
    4-7 (possibly 8) on Thurs/Fri but I'd just have to ask my roommate. I highly doubt he'd care.

    You'd also need to be comfortable with the sight (and possibly smell of weed) as my dad smokes. (He has his medical card so it's legal, don't worry about that) since the wii is in our room.

    Wish I had my liscence :/
    And where do you live?.... lol that'd help me.

    Just a general location, I have yet to get my liscence :/ so if it's a bus-ride distance (or better yet, skating/biking distance) that'd be great.
    man, if you can some how get video of thaining mode showing shine>shine on FD as a true combo that will be just insaine.

    i have done shine>shine on yoshis (pipes) so it is possible on hills.

    and maybe shine>shine is a frame trap or something but you never know.
    very true bro, i'm glad i'm not the only one who understands the situation. i don't mean to get mad, but it's a touchy topic and sometimes it's tough to control when i see such outspoken ignorance.

    thanks for settin me straight man.
    i've been in toronto for the past two weeks and i'm goin' back to cali on the 10th.

    i haven't played brawl in weeks, i'm on vacation, lol. next tourney ima try to get to is that one 2-day tourney in san diego on 17th-18th of jan. gonna be huuuuuuuuuge.
    Sorry for the disconnections. I mean, it's not like I wanted to disconnect. I was actually winning. :p
    You're really good. If you say you're just a beginner, I'd hate to see what pros are at this board.
    Also, the disconnections are the bad part I meant about my wi-fi. Once it starts, it happens for almost every match after that.
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