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  • legan knows me, we should both know that it was jsut mutual joking.

    I AM going to give him the **** the next I play him tho. lol
    I was given "discussion leader" months back, but recently they gave us some powers like merge/sticky.
    Pretty good to say the least.

    Sure I'm meeting a lot of morns I didn't think existed on the forum, but oh well who cares, they're more or less ********/better of getting killed to save everybody else more oxygen.
    You really need your own unique Avi so I can have a bit of an easier time distinguishing you from the run-of-the-mill people.

    Seriously I had to look to find out the difference between you and Ayaz, and what helped me do that was your username and the quote to a lesser extent.

    BTW how's life?
    Hey, this is Andrew, from the tournament. I friended you. That is all.
    PS have you ever worked with spring cancelled aerial combos?

    like, set up a grounded spring, jump an aerial into it, then double jump + new aerial as soon as you hit the spring?

    it's cool.

    one time I pulled an unfinished F-air > D-air (while he was in ground hitstun next to the spring)> B-air as he was rising from the D-air lol.

    I freaked out and claimed I could L-cancel that week.
    specifically, I called it S-cancelling, but the hacker people took that term a few months later lol.
    oh, that.

    Well, most characters, if they double jump, will be just a little lower than Sonic. It's not enough time to jump, fastfall, and hit the spring - you'd have to have a stall-then-fall to pull that off.

    Multi-jump characters will be considerably lower because multi-jumpers tend to have low jumps.

    It's also the issue with the "have Metaknight chase you with Tornado and catch him with a grounded spring and force him into side-B" idea. If you're predictable, the Metaknight can just double jump, or even start a new tornado as soon as he hits the spring.

    When I tried that against an MK that caught on, I noticed he'd only pull it off if I made the spring before he even started tornado (lol). But if he was already chasing me and I'd do it, then I'd be able to force him into a side-B.

    So the issue is predictability.

    either way, the Anthinus combo was never a combo in the first place lol
    "None of you have mentioned, the method of breaking this that I was talking about."

    send me a PM, I don't think I know what you're talking about lol.
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