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  • If your with the Llamas and post anything about it I will cut out your eyeballs, and cover them with the blood of lambs.

    if not your in.
    if you don't mind could i get an invite to your new BRoom? also i'd like to recommend ninjalink from the diddy boards. thanks.
    Ok, cool.

    And well I'm not Northern per-se, I'm from the midlands more-so.
    Yes, the farmer counties, those ones.
    I'm suprised you haven't tried recruiting Emblem Lord into your backroom thingy bobby yet. Out of interest, is it very productive out there?

    Also, wanna play some wifi? I'm bored.
    For your new back room, I don't think I am elite enough to get in, if you don't mind I'll join, but I'd like to recommend Pierce7D as a Marth main, he is a great poster.
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