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  • John Z. from Lodi High, senior grad. I main Falco and I'm starting to take up smash competitively. I was told you were the only other guy in Lodi that "zrky" saw on smashboards, so I thoght I'd contact you maybe try and get together and smash sometime. You play Brawl right?
    Dude I heard you live in Lodi, and well I do too. For such a small town you'd think we'd run into each other doing smash :D
    So you got bored:p
    It seems like we haven't talked in ages...or at least on here:p

    Btw, like my new avi? ;)
    oh I forgot to say nevermind.
    LOL somebody else resized it.
    I think its fine now....

    Do ya wanna give another shot at a avatar?

    And yes I know I am in many groups lulz

    he cake, it's weird, today I saw someone in my school that looks almost like you, except that he is a punk emo skater person...

    Idk can u take my current sig and resize it so that all parts show?
    right now ivysaur is cut off...

    I like it,thank u ^_^,i'm using my iPhone since my comp is screwy so can u give me the url?

    Would it be too much to ask for a sig as well?
    jk jk unless u want to o_O
    a ruby/sapphire koffing sprite on foreground.
    Word"DemonFart" In blue papyrus font at top.

    I'm on ur comment wallz asking u for a avatar request.solid sent me saying u would do a good job.
    so will u do it?

    "español mejor..."
    That's nice you write it though:)
    Are you entering GI's SOTW this week?
    Cool, so they didn't let you take Spanish 2 in 8th grade? Weird
    Haora la pregunta es, puedes hablar igual de bien que cuando escribes?
    creo que es seguro decir que puedes hablar español muy bien:) especialmente por vivir en CA.
    thanks a lot for the critique...I'll definitely keep in mind ;) lol zrky thought that was a city background also...but it's not...It's a stock, and zelda is in the brawl arena thingy. For some reason when I darkened it, it looked more city-like haha :chuckle:

    nice latest sig btw...I suck at critiqing, so I won't say much. the only thing I would say is: when I first looked at it, I focused on the lighting in the top right instead of the focal---which means that you have to make the focal more noticable...

    anyways, I'm having fun getting back into photoshop...thanks for inspiring me :bee:
    oh yeah, I forgot about suwei.

    I just need him to upload a zip file with the clips somewhere. If that's possible.
    what do you think of mah new sig...I don't think I did too bad for quitting for 7 months...:p but ofcourse it isn't perfect...:urg::
    K IDK.

    This will most likely be the last time I ask you for a sig. you know the sig you put in the Obama group? Can you like slide Obama over to the left right more like to the edge, then make "Hope" bigger and then put SOLID in black lettering a bit under that, and put between "Hope" and Obama, like in the middle, and then put "CHANGE" in big letters at the top? Also put your name in a corner, you need credit.

    Yeah, I just saw that sig and I'm like "OMG that sig is awesome I need it!!!!!!!!!!!!" If you're nto doing sigs or something don't worry it's fine.
    Ill make an account tomorrow, but just make it as if you didin't know me (parents) after a couple days ill be fine... and yeah...il read tuts:)
    "rofl zrky read tuts? join guildinn man!"
    OK, ill join GI and read tuts:)
    as long as I don't make n00b of myself on GI ill be fine, umm quick Q
    Are there allot of PS n00bs on GI?
    Could you just make the WhatWiiSay logo quickly plz. You don't need to add anything special.
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