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  • Hi I saw your name in the mentoring section next to "all" in brawl, and I was having trouble sending you a pm, so I wanted to ask if by "all" it means just improving my all around skill? sorry to bother you with a question like this
    Just wanted to let you know that there were some discrepancies within your tier list vote! It seems that you have a few characters that break the "no more than 9 placements difference from V7" rule that I have on the OP. For your post to count, you're going to have to move your votes accordingly. Please do so whenever you're able to, and thanks!
    lol i never check SWF. but yeah he knows u and hes the one who stole your doubles partner. that's funny. if u wanna brawl us sometime... but we don't play much anymore... email me at cake.eats.you@gmail.com
    i go to lodi too... i'm a soph tho. my friend steven is too, he's suweibunmeister on here but he never comes on. yeah i've talked to zrky a lot. we had a sig shop and we've talked on aim and facebook a bunch. steven says, "john zoback???"
    woah... hey. yeah i haven't been playing much lately. just with my friends a little. my name's mack btw. who r u lol
    Hey, I saw your location and was wondering if by any chance you know Mack Norton?
    hey crackle, its me KFC. i just saw your old thread on smashboards, and i saw that you were looking for people to smash with in the stockton area!

    well, me and my crew are from stockton, and two of our members are ranked smash players in norcal area =P

    you can come smash with us anytime, just give me a call at (209) 623 7924

    or message me on aim @ in5anementality

    hope to smash with you soon =p its always nice to meet new smashers
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