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  • Diddy usually fares well against ddd but in reality bananas are the only thing which give him hope, a lot of chars can counter ddd when played right with the right person controlling, but MK and somtimes olimar i would try. With olimar just spam the **** out of anyone in range if you haven't played him before. That is, if you can deal with his piss poor recovery, which i can't, so i don't use him as much as i used to. ZSS also has some potential in this matchup, arguably more than MK due to her range. peace!
    Weird, thought it was kinda off but meh. Well at least I got a chance to show. You have to kill the imposter now.
    I have vids on Youtube? I don't even have an account lol. Link please.
    And I remember adding you when you joined a match with another guy on my friends list
    My thoughts exactly. weegee vs pit standoff was too epic, i couldn't stop laughing until i got KO'd, play me again if you see me online!
    I think the original inspiration was from the town in FF7, I generally used the nickname "Mathias". Somewhere around making my fiction and playing World of Warcraft the name Kalm came around and it stuck really well with the public. So, half my friends call me one thing, half call me the other. Name tags don't have enough space for "Mathias" though so...

    GG's Kalm early morning brawls are always fun
    My Ike sucked lol :D

    See you later.

    Did Miyamoto really say that he was displeased with F-Zero GX? If so, I have lost all respect for him.
    I actually am not attending college. However my GF attends college here in Auburn AL as majoring in Graphic Design. I just moved here with her and after job hunting is over I'll be your average laboring Joe living in Auburn. Why do you ask?
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