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  • Hey Rick you up for some games? Or you go online in AIM when you are ready if you can for today?

    I find it a bit tricky as you said you forgot about it once :p.

    I gues I will see that freepulling and whatever Peach can do in future matches. Or is it impossible in lag? Bstick was not as I saw some days ago.
    Great to hear but Dedede is still able to put a wall slowly but surely forward and as you move yourself already backwards :). Dedede his spacing is designed to get Peach. Btw I also noticed that a waddle can hit you out of your bonewalk which I did a couple of times. So don't overdo it or you might eat a gordo ^^. But hey gues what you did beat my Dedede that time with bstick while with normal playstyle I won most of the times these days :p.

    Yeah I already wondered why you weren't on AIM. No worries.

    Btw I watched yesterday some melee vids of a pro Ganon player. He looks so fast and nice there. ****, miss those times as I was Ganon and Falcon mainer there.
    Don't know if you can play somewhere today Rick. Prefer early :). Don't forget about AIM now will you.

    You still deserve some revenge on MK and Ike who destroyed your bstick fail ^^.
    Hey Rick when are you free to play some? I see you online now here but you are probably gone again :p.

    What was the general feel on the Olimar Peach matchup again? In the old times they said Peach destroyed Oli :p. I never really played him much because I was brainwashed by them. One of the projectile characters that is fun. Abusing pikmin is just epic :0.

    Also the board is a step back compared to AIM ^^.
    Im envious of your OoS game. I lack that but you are great with shields ;_;. Oh, I also like how you find openings so well.

    I really really really dislike Port Down Aero Dive as a competitive stage. The cars are ridiculous, the ledges (what ledges?), the race parcours... bleh. RC is stupid too. >_< Pictochat, on the other hand, is lovely.

    I could see you were uncomfortable with the Bstick. You didnt really space well or throw out the right moves, it was mostly TURNIP TURNIP TURNIP. And you didnt even always slide ;p. Or you jumped and wanted to throw out an aerial using the c-stick, but forgot it was the b-stick and threw out Toad/ Peach Bomber instead xD.

    Yeah, C-stick Rick > B-stick Rick BY FAAAAAR.
    B-stick... interesting, Id like to see that. And dont worry, Im pretty rusty too ;p.

    I hate Yoshi Island Melee a lot. It is so tiny and boring to play with all the slopes. Port Town Aero Drive I like a lot more.

    But we can talk more if you are free again and log into AIM :).
    Welcome back Rick.

    New ruleset came out when you were away. It let to many flaming the first part ^^. Some stages we never play are in counterpick now. Might be interesting to play them next time to.

    In other news I didn't play at all. So I can't keep my promise by DESTROYING you with MK :p.
    Have fun on your holiday Rick :). When you are back expect a beating of your lifetime ^^. I try to become a bit better with MK. Playing another character also helps to see how others would punish you. Although your Wario doesn't even come close to mine :p.

    Nah, it is just odd I play loads of characters but they exclude Snake and MK. Ice Grabbers I will never pick up though.

    See you in a week.
    GG's Rick. I don't play brawl any more for several reasons, but I thought yesterday why not. I’m okay and the exams were stressful .
    my friend?
    we had a dude from england that was in STL for awhile. he lived there until he was 8, so he isn't faking...sort of...i'm guessing you watched the video with our "commentary" that was just us talking, eh?
    The Warios I see are often to aggressive, then I often stop watching. They keep walking into stuff to many times. I don't claim I am any better but if I see some vids. Sometimes I do wonder how I fare in a tourny. I gues you have the same. I know someone also plays a super campy Wario, now that is Wario on his best :).

    Using the a-sticking certainly works better for me. I have no trouble at all doing manual smashes compared to the fastfall problem I have. Manual fastfalling is also a lot easier after a double jump. Sometimes Wario comes down from a jump ready to dair but without a-stick I often just crash in the floor which is bad. I am just bad at tilting as that prevents fastfalling. Every his or hers control style I gues :).

    I am no fan of the bbq :p. Last time we did it we had chickens coming on the bbq stealing the food. Or were they voluntering to be the food? ^^
    Hey Rick you still use AIM? Don't see you online or I look at wrong times.

    You know you need the time out matches soon ^^.

    Watching some Wario vids, most people don't really give me new ideas. All I need to work on better is his dair. Maybe I must start using a-stick as fastfalling dair is punishable. Also I use my other controller next time as playing with a faultyh c-stick gets annoying :p. Or I must find better ways to avoid the fastfall in the short hop. Fastfalling dair after double jump is also one way of approaching.
    I find Peach dittos pretty fun actually, although Im not very good at them. Theyre especially fun if you have two Peaches with a different playstyle which was the case, most of the time you were baiting and playing more defensively and I was approaching and playing more agressively. We went quite even, but you were still clearly the better player (I have improved however!).
    I see you tried to join me, unfortunately I couldnt play with you atm. Are you up for some games now?
    Yeah those Floats>Dairs/Nair were just painful Dx I tried to Fair you out of it (usually missing) or even try Sonic's "disjointed" Uair. Best I got was traded hits, lol.

    Oh and sorry about the random stop on the first match, I had a phone call lol. >.< So much fail from my end. Dair'd straight down to my death, twice.

    Nah, I've never been to any offline scene. Scotland is just very... Dead. No Brawl scene at all but it has a very small Melee scene (like, no more than 12 people) and they just hold smashfests every now and then which I don't go. I should probably should travel down to England soon since it's the holidays an all. (I really wanted to go to GT-2...fffff)

    GGs Rick! Started to get laggy towards the end, probably my cousin streaming videos.

    Peach's float is :| Can never really do much about it, and I was near helpless everytime I sprung up the air, kept getting grabbed.

    Had fun though!

    Without a van it gets extremely hot so it is that bad. So there were some moments I went into fully auto pilot :p.

    Yeah I recall I hit you with desperate up smash with Ivy for the win. Never say she sucks again :p. I was just hoping you would float and you did. Just a lucky read.

    Btw I still see nothing in my AIM. So I don't know what is wrong with that.
    Prfft too hot to play :(. My braincells were melting away :p. Also a reason I didn't pick Wario so often. Need to be a bit more creative ^^. To bad walking brings nothing to Peach.

    Some nice games and even some nicer suicides. Sonic escaped Wario. Consider yourself lucky. Lol I like ****ed half of the time Olimar his grab up which I forgot the name off. Where you dash back and do grab. prfft this heat is really bad :p. At least I won from spammy meat knight. You let me win there :0
    Yeah most likely ^^. Ok I come online then.

    edit: I see no notification though :(. Oh well still new to AIM myself to.
    At least Olimar makes a small hop which can make it back. Ivy just go instantly into free fall. I probably play Olimar to next time. Maybe I go with a bit different characters for fun.
    I told you before it is handy :p. I am glad you decide to use it now. Now all I still need to do is get AIM back myself. Unless you don't want a 'timewaster' on your list ^^.

    Good feeling about your exams? At least the pressure is gone, now hoping for big grades :).

    Until we meet again at WiFi where Ivysaur > Peach. Seriously is Ivy off stage instant death against Peach?
    I only just got into Dr. Who like.....around the episode "The time of angels" but seeing how creepy Weeping Angels are i really want to see Blink x3
    It probably does, im just lazy to look x3. but the last episode i watched was the one with Vincent Van Gogh.

    i really want to see Blink btw XD

    jk <3

    but if you spoil anything for me i shall knock that tea out of your hand and smash the coaster ^_^ oh and ill eat your biscuits too...biscuits are good
    So Rick are you finally getting an instant messager if I read this right? Might also be handy for us so no more through the board contacting :p.

    Also easier to set up fun ffa 2v2 or whatever lagfests ^^.

    I see it is AIM, I used to have it but never used it. MSN was it more for me. I think I go search for my old account then.
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