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  • Hey how is it going?

    Can't wait for the Brawl if you are still interested in the game as I haven't played until last time with you. Two more months for SSF4 AE :). You could always buy that for a bit more competetive game :p.

    I see I said I would let you message first but I don't want to feel like a ****. Oh with me all goes well :).
    Don't worry I reckon you were busy when I saw that long offline time. I was thinking about posting at your wall yesterday but just wait for you this time :). School is more important.
    No ties don't happen that often hence the reason he uploaded. I knew I had him on chip so I thought I build some ex meter before he comes to close but unfortunate it trades with Balrog his turnpunch. Bison has not really a reliable chip against Balrog as he can ex headbutt through it and combo into ultra. I just recently started to use more devil reverse for meter building but other characters can punish with ultra if I am not carefull.

    All in all it is worth it if you like Street Fighter or just competetive fighting in general. But do wait for SUPER sf4 yes as that comes somewhere in july anyway.

    Anyways we still need to do some crappy Brawl whenever you are ready ^^

    edit: It was btw the first round the double KO. The reason he didnt upload the entire match probably because I won I assume. It can become tie if both won one round. Or get double tie. There are either way no more than 3 rounds.
    So your saying you have ignored all my posts about Bison my main in SF4? Yes it is on PC and now that the upgrade comes it is even better because no more dominating Sagat aka MK. As they balanced him there and he has his share of bad matchups like everyone now. To bad my main still loses 3:7 to Guile but matchups don't get worse then that anyway.

    SSF4 is also probably worth it even though PC has always been lesser skilled there are always some nicely skilled people and it is way more competetive than Brawl for sure ^^.

    Here a small vid for if you want to see something recent from me. It is against a Balrog main friend which I play a lot. Also nice that the matchup is neutral between the two. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpPK_qBKChM. So yeah my other nick is Rishek for if Rizul is taken. You seem some alternate costumes those are his mods. I still have original Bison outfit. Those alternates are real though as they are in SSF4.
    I think it is best then that you let me know before I pollute your wall even further ^^. Still hate AIM for kicking me out of my game. MSN fails to display sound when I am in game but doesnt kick me out. All faulty or maybe I got wrong settings :p.

    In other news I am so happy that ssf4 also comes for the PC. It was long unsure if it came but alas it comes gladly :D.
    Hey Rick how is it going? Any free time coming up? You probably are still fighting over that extended replay hack :p.
    April fools is probably the worst day of the year. I just noticed the ban Diddy Kong thread as well. I mean Peach is even worse, she can pull the all mighty dreaded bomb omb item. I haven't seen the beam sword in a while with you. The bomb omb I did which I didnt realised you pulled and I died way under 60% :(
    Yeah dont worry and I am sure I bug you before you have the chance to bug me ^^.

    Btw the forum is a real mess if I try to read something I feel like getting closer to braindead. I be sure not to take Wario his seat.
    How much longer you are btw at home before you go in super study mode again? I just hope we can have a bit longer session next time :). I gues I notice when you don't forget about the AIM thing. But I find myself already going a bit more on SWF as well. Old habit. At leat my AIM is always on ^^.

    Btw not today in case you suddenly appear online :p.

    edit: also curious how your replay adventure is going. Would be fun if you can record our boring campfests :p. But I think it is safe to say that you really got a good Peach even for WiFi,
    Godddd, get that creature off my wallllll. Lol
    Calling me Airge and your liking for that thing has given you a ban sir
    I actually looked up your AIM name in hopes it'd lead me to your facebook account.
    But no success. :mad113:
    Of course you ragequit as soon as I got Dedede on my own music ^^. I was messing with controllers at start. Old controller feels better in hand but there my c stick is half broken so maybe you didnt notice that I tried to do with Wario fastfall clap. My newer controller is better for chaingrabbing though as that thing always runs if I hold it to the far end.

    I notice some wacky Peach movements today. I dont know if it is on accident. But off stage it probably wasnt you peach bombered back into my fsmash :p. Lucario almost made his comeback, damn that furry is dangerous at last stock and high %. To bad I had no time for Bowser for you to **** hard.

    Always these interuptions. It was good as long as it lasted. I also couldnt find my fastfall button. Blame sf4 for not having that :D.

    Also no AIM I always love to talk :(
    Yeah I can still play. I didnt see you were online though. I just notices when i send the message.

    Fail I posted at my own profile first ^^
    I don't know when you play these days Rick. You know I don't play late. Today was the perfect day for me. Tomorrow not unless it is early evening.

    In the end we see how things turn out of course. Again last time I played was against you. At least sf4 keeps me in zoning shape and such :).
    i plan on just doing really really well in Texas now.

    Genesis 2 is a big maybe (it's in the summer), but if that doesn't happen probably APEX 2012.
    i use different characters and try to play them like opponents I have seen play in my past. in my opinion it helps me become smarter with getting reads and learning how to play against the character.

    dude... don't worry about ANYTHING that happens on wifi haha xD I've told you this before - it doesn't matter at all, and it's just for fun!

    fun games!
    I'm standard on away these days unless I somehow forget it. My internet is acting like **** sometimes though. Stupid wireless. Then I have to reconnect like a thousand times before it goes back to normal.
    Hey Rick didn't you say more time for WiFi was coming?

    Myself I have better connection now which makes my sf4 online matches quite lagless. Feels good to reliably link online better :). It probably wont matter for Brawl as Wii has horrid online play :p.

    I did see you a couple of times on at these boards but I am so used to contact through AIM with you. You still cant be on on both? Will that ever change btw?
    As far as matchups go, I'm extremely confident with alot compared to what I was feeling going into MLG Dallas.

    At Dallas I was worried about, Marth, DDD, Olimar, Ice Climbers, Game and Watch, Falco, and Metaknight.

    Now I'm basically only worried about Olimar. I've learned all of those matchups to a tee and I know what to do in given situations that will hopefully help me out alot. I've also been studying counterpicks and testing them in tournament / wifi.

    We are doing doubles first. Vinnie and I will do great, (i'm pretty sure of it). He is in insanely smart player and has been getting the craziest reads I have probably ever seen. That combined with me just racking up damage constantly and tanking, should take us super far.

    I hope the Peach players do well also, we are all throwing in $5 - and whoever places the highest takes all of it :D
    Dude, it's no big deal. I don't judge by how players use there character online. I usually just look for reads that they try etc etc. You are fine.

    WHOBO starts Friday. But I'll be at the venue working as staff tomorrow. Trela, Inui, Xyro, Noid, and I are all working as staff which means I will get alot of good practice in. (Inui is a top MK, Smoom is a top ICs, Xyro and Noid are tops Samuses).

    I'm feeling extremely confident about WHOBO. I outplace every Peach ever, in both doubles and singles.
    wifi is stressful.

    sorry we couldn't play that many. I'm brawled out for the day.
    i'll be on all night tonight probably. so we can play whenever

    im teaming with Vinnie :) the best Game and Watch
    omg I would but my partner for whobo 3 asked me like 5 minutes before you!

    we will play later I promise
    ok cool.

    and lol I do NOT take wifi seriously, I honestly like your Peach alot and I think it is really good.

    Thanks for the tips on glidetossing into shield. I still do that alot >.>, peach bombing, not so much unless I know it's safe or it may hit for a mindgame.

    Whobo is in 3 days btw. It's gonna be crazy.

    We can play whenever. Just post on my smashboards wall or aib wall, I had alot of fun.
    nah dude, you aren't trash AT ALL lool I love your Peach!

    I had to try REALLY hard to beat it sometimes.

    The connection was really good, anything I can work on? I posted some questions in the social that I wanted to ask you. (I know it's wifi, I just want to do really well at WHOBO).
    Hey Rick no free days coming up soon? Don't know when your year ends and/or if you remain busy. Just don't sacrifice study time for me as I know how important it is :). Also go to a tourny already like a man :p.

    See you next time against Wario which is +2 for you ^^.
    Don't worry I wasn't really available myself yesterday anyway. Today and tomorrow I do have time in the evening, just message me out of tf2 with AIM :),although I have made a command line that other programs can't kick me out of the game. If you can't then we see. Only when you really can of course.
    You're an adult. If you want to go to a tourney... they can't really tell you that you're not allowed.
    Any chance on wifi some time? I don't know if you ever have free time but probably you need that time to study. My school was always easy.

    Also Bowser is so bad he only goes +1 with Ganon :p.
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