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  • Well I'm glad to hear that you're having good luck with finding people to play with for SF4 :p

    What do I do these days? Not a great deal tbh apart from work, try to play games when I can. I get lots of University work and have plenty of other things to do these days but I've been doing well in it so I guess it's paying off :p
    Hey Rizul, yea things are busy lol. So much work these days :/ Hope you are doing well, how's SF4 going? They've done a SF vs Tekken now haven't they?
    K so I fail at being active lol. I'm back at uni now and don't have my Wii with atm so no Brawling I'm afraid but will let you know when I do get it back :) Very sorry for not keeping you more updating, I don't really visit these forums all that much anymore :/
    Nah I'm afraid not - I'm going to try and be a bit more active on here now though so if we're ever both on , give me a shout/I'll give you a shout and we can get some game in :)
    Hey hey, yea that would be nice! I don't have much time to play online these days but when I do, I'll let you know asap :) Hope everything is going ok for you :)
    Hey hey hey :) I'm good thanks, how are you?
    My Brawling has taken a backseat atm - I've got so much work on...this year is even harder than last year :urg: Glad to hear SSF4 AE is still going well :)

    My avatar is from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for Master System :p It was the first game I ever played you see xD
    And like Megaman it was really, really difficult xD
    I completely understand :) the online for this game is really quite atrocious and I hardly go on it either these days. With an increasingly busy IRL, I just don't have the time to frequently Brawl as much as I used to

    It's been a pleasure to speak/Brawl with you and thankyou for Brawling with me both through good times and the bad times - I wouldn't have become anywhere near as good at Brawl if I hadn't had you to Brawl with. Hopefully every now and then we can some games for old times sake - if you ever do change your mind about Brawl let me know as it's always a game I'll play but for now, good luck with SSF4 AE, have fun and thankyou again :) Cya for now! :)
    Hey hey, I am free for games for a while now :p If you don't respond to this VM then I'll try you on AIM but I don't want to kick you out of any games so I'll wait for a bit :p
    Yea shame about Wario's drop and I seriously nearly fell off my chair when I saw Peach had gone up 2 spots :p Wahoo!

    Sorry for not keeping you up to date, things have been really rather hectic...I am definitely free tomorrow though...well, by tomorrow I mean later today since it's now past midnight :p When are good times for you?
    Hey hey hey, sorry I have been meaning to message you, silly me :p How are you?

    Yes, I have finally finished :D got my results and finished the other day so I am now technically free :)

    However, I'm afraid I'm not going to have access to my Wii for about a week but I might be able to squeeze some games in if you're up for it either tomorrow or the day after :D
    Lol of course you don't look like a **** :p

    I'm doing ok thanks - doing lots of revision and spending so much time in the library I think my head is going to explode xD How are you doing?

    I finish my exams in a few weeks time - after that, I have free time so I will let you know and we can finally get some long overdue Brawling in :)

    IIRC, I think I used to own Street Fighter 2 for the SNES years ago but I was never very good at it - I can't say I'm a big fan of traditional 2D fighters. I always used to try and the guy with the stretchy arms cause I always used to have trouble vs him as a CPU...and I never could beat that strange teleporting guy, was he called M.Bison or something? :O
    Sorry for being out of touch for so long...as you've probably noticed, I haven't been on in a while :/

    I'm really sorry - I just haven't had the time. I have my exams in 4 or 5 weeks and I haven't even finished all my lecture courses. I've got lab work, assignments, revision and a ton of workshops left to do so I'm extremely stressed out atm and I just don't have the time for Brawling

    Don't worry - when it's all over I promise I'll be more active :) Just thought I'd give you an update, hope everyone is going ok for you :)
    No no, I knew you played Street Fighter 4 on the PC - I got confused when you said that it was coming out for the PC. Now I realise you were talking about SUPER Street Fighter 4 :p

    Nice video, I've never watched any SF4 vids before...it looks very different to Brawl indeed :p Lol at the ending btw, do ties often happen like that? xD
    I will do don't worry :) My essay is nearly at an end now...sorry I've been away for so long. I promise I'll get some Brawling in soon

    And ooooh nice I had no idea the Street Fighters were on PC :D Which would have you been playing atm then?
    Pretty much yea...I can't get it to work properly :( I don't think I'm using the right codes or something :(

    Sorry I haven't been on in such a long time, I've been doing this horrible, horrible essay and I'm running out of time to do it. Hopefully next week I will have finished it and I can get some Brawling back in :D
    Sorry I haven't been on in a while, been busy with work :/
    I've got this essay I still need to do but once that's out of the way I'll be free to Brawl regularly again :D

    As for the replay adventure, I think I'm almost there :p I just need to find the Infinite Replay code for PAL and then I'm all set I think :p
    But of course, I cannot stand against the might of DeDeDe AND is theme music! :p

    Sorry I had to leave so early, I completely forgot my parents had invited people round so I have to be sociable and get off my Wii...didn't have this problem at Uni lol :p

    Yea I've been trying to mess around with Peach's movements to get back to grips with her - I haven't been brawling very much recently and I feel like I'm losing my touch :/ I've recently been feeling really frantic and I feel like I'm just throwing out moves and not really thinking about what I'm doing there days

    Also sorry about AIM aswell, someone wanted to use the computer just as I was logging in so I had to get off it :c

    I promise we'll have some more longer games next time :) GG's for what we did do though :)
    Yeah I can still play. I didnt see you were online though. I just notices when i send the message.

    edit: I failed
    Ack I know :( Recently, playing late is all I've been able to do - I've been doing my work during the day

    Do you have any time to play now? If not, don't worry about it, we can play anther time :)
    Btw, I've been trying to find a way of getting infinite replays on my Brawl without hacking so I can actually save replays :) Not found out how to do it yet though, will do eventually :p
    Yes I did :p I'm back home now so it should be much easier to get some games in :D I do have a fair amount of work to do over the holidays but I can squeeze some Brawl in :)

    I'll be on AIM if I'm free :) Make sure you put yourself on 'Away' though if you're busy - I don't want to kick you out of another game by accident :)
    I'm ok with her MU's, although I can see a lot of haters being like 'Peach sucks boooo her MU's are all -3 blarrrggh'.

    I personally would have a few characters around by a point (Wario and DedeDe stick out most for me) but for a first attempt, I think the BBR did her MU's pretty well

    Yea it's good to see Wario's MU's a showing he's good :p
    I know right? I keep looking at my posts and not recognizing that I've posted them xD
    I've been meaning to message you actually - I've just been so busy with Uni stuff that I've only had time to visit SWF, not actually play any Brawl :( It paid off though since my first term results turned out a lot better than I expected :D

    I'm thinking of trying to improve my Sonic again but I'm not convinced that's he's a better character than Peach in the long run. Currently - yea its pretty obvious that Peach mains need to step up their game massively so if Sonic goes above her in the tier list I won't be surprised

    I don't think I've got anything on tonight so if you want to do some Brawling, that'd be a good time :D Being at Uni, I can't get internet on both my laptop and Wii though, so I'd have to alternate :p Just let me know when you're free :)
    Thanks for the support Rizul :)

    I didn't go in the end but I've regretted not going now, despite it being Melee and not Brawl

    I'm determined that I'm going to go to the next one provided I'm not busy :) I'll have to keep my eyes open
    And I'll also have to play you online at some point :p its been such a long time since I played Wi Fi, or brawl for that matter xD
    Hey there! How are you? Sorry I haven't been keeping in touch recently, busy first few weeks back at uni

    Anyway, I have good news - I finally have a Wii Ethernet cable which means I can Brawl online :D So yea, we should give it a try sometime. I'm not sure how the connection will be, I have a bad feeling that there may be a few lag freezes because the connection can drop every now and then but we'll see how it goes

    Another issue is that I only have one ethernet slot - basically, I can't have my laptop connected to the internet at the same time my Wii is. So I can't go on AIM or even SWF when I'm playing online :( Just to let you know
    Yea it has :( But don't worry! I will hopefully have a Wii Internet cable so I can get Wi Fi here :p

    Nah I don't think you're a stalker :p and like I said, I keep my gaming life and personal life quite seperate which is why noone really knows a right lot about me :p
    Yea you're right, old people spend all day infront of the TV, its not that different to what I'm doing xD

    I'm hopefully going to get into the UK Smash scene this year so fingers crossed :p
    Yea I had another look at her MU's and decided that some of them were either wrong or should be evened out. Her ratios look a lot more realistic now :p

    Yea work is sucking my life away but I tried my Brawl disk just now and it seems to be working again so we can maybe get some games in sometime soon :D

    I really hope I can get to a tourney sometime :( I don't think there's a great deal of MK's in the UK so looks good for a Peach user for sure :p

    Oh and Happy New Year!
    Yea still got relatives over so everything is a bit of mess atm :p

    Plus my Brawl disk is acting up again :/ I managed to get some games in with Yaaay the other day but after that, Brawl is very short-lived before the disk stops :( Hopefully my Wii will start to behave itself more...

    I've also got exams coming up in January so until they're out the way I'm gonna have to keep Brawling at a minimum...probably just as well that my disk isn't working properly xD
    Hey there, don't worry I haven't forgotten :p

    Just having a quick check of the forums, I'm not going to be online Brawling today for personal reasons...I'll be back soon though so we can have some more laggy games :)
    Hmm about 3 weeks I think?

    I played another Peach main online yesterday but he's from the US so the lag wasn't so great xD I should be free a bit later on if you're up for some games :)
    Hey hey! I'm back home for Christmas so I have Wii internet again...so I can Brawl online again for now! :p

    So yea, if you're up for some games in the future, let me know cause I can actually play now :p
    Hey hey long time no speak :p I'm ok thanks, Uni is eating up my life atm but I was expecting it to do that xD

    Urgh, I hate the idea of Sonic being above Peach, I really do. He's got great tourney results in comparison to Peach but the same goes for other characters in C Tier. What have Kirby and ROB done for example? I just hope a Peach player is eventually going to break out :/ She seems to be doing fine in Europe though...which is the metagame I'll be entering if I ever attend tournies so thats all well and good :p
    I also think Sonic isn't very good. Beyond the speed and punishment, he just has some very bad traits which are beaten by simply playing a counter style game

    If she moves down, I won't be surprised but I will be sort of disappointed

    Yea we need to play Brawl again sometime soon, I need to get a Wii Ethernet adapter...will hopefully be getting one for Christmas so will let you know after that :D
    I honestly don't know :(
    Things are....tough atm. Work is much harder than I expected - its really quite draining in a way :/

    I'll let you know when I can get an adapter (I'll see if I can get one ordered if money allows me) but right now, work is taking priority. It's tough going atm so I haven't had time to even Brawl offline :(
    Hey there, sorry I've been a bit out of the loop recently, University has been very busy :)

    I've got some bad news - the only internet here is Wired and it isn't that good anyway. So atm, I can't get my Wii online...which means no online Brawling or using anything that involves Internet on the Wii...

    I'm looking into get an adapter for the Wii so hopefully I can get Wi Fi sorted out...until then, I can't do any online Brawling at all :( How's things with you?
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