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  • oes hi. I don't mind getting pwned in my own video, it wasn't a terribly serious one. I'm not going to use a wifi "combo" vid to prove my skill anyway :p

    I'd love to put some Peach action in there, but I generally don't record live matches, as it is hard, so I usually save replays. Those are replays I just happened to have, but I do have quite a few more, I plan to make more vids like that.

    And I have a tourney Sept. 13th, hopefully I can get some footage this time :D
    hey good games, ur Peach is awesome, I'm gonna have to improve if I wanna stand a chance in tourney 5. Play u agen soon. Sorry I had to leave early.
    yep its going alright. just finished up cleaning up my old room (its gonna be turned into another study in my house) but i still got awhile before everything is all ship shape, but i think ill beable to play later today
    oh im srry i have been very busy as of late (im moving to another room in my house) but ill put in ur code asap :) srry for the delay tho
    Hey do u wanna brawl sumtime. I like playing as peach too. And I've nvr played another peach player be4 except on basic brawl. I'm in the online Uk dubles tourney. I'll add u. PM me if u wanna brawl.
    ok i think u know where to find my fc :D

    i like singing higher most of the times but on occasion i like to sing lower
    hey! ^_^ where do live? idk if it will lag or not. im a baratone, buuuuut i used to think i was a tenor before i got voice lessons :)
    Hi there im gonna add you, could you add me please?
    1118 1682 3796 im in the UK i look forwards to facing you.
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