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  • It finally happened, bro.
    It did! I'm so happy for you and BKupa and all the supporters that finally had their dream come true after all these years. I actually logged back into Smashboards after like 4 years just to see your reactions :)
    Welcome back! Been too long. Now get Skype and I'll add you to the new MYM chat.
    Hey Smady! Good to see you. I'll check out MYM chat when I have time!
    Hey, you logged in sort of recently! If you have the time, tell me how you are getting on if you see this message.
    Oh no, I loved playing with the animals at my job. :p

    But I don't **** with those big dogs. They scare me. :d
    Hahaha, YES. I know exactly what that feels like. When there there isn't anything to do you just stare at walls and it's awkward and depressing.
    Oh to be a veterinarian? That's tight.
    Yeah, the staff I worked with.. lol. I liked them, but the vet had anger issues and was scary whenever he got mad. The vet techs mostly *****ed about their job. Vet techs/assistants pretty much do every job. Janitor stuff, everythingggg. Well the one I went to. :p Kind of depressed me :d
    Yes. :p
    I did intern-like clinical rotations for a 2 year veterinary program class my Junior and Senior year of highschool. Then I got hired at the clinic I did my rotations at this summer for a job before I went off to college. So I kind of know what all goes down and stuff. :p I was considering applying to a Vet tech school but I came to the decision that I should go with a University first for at least a year to see if I like it. I'm worried about going to a Vet tech school because with the degrees you get they're sooo career specific. If I want to change careers at some point down the road I'm out of luck.

    Plus here in my state you don't have to be registered to perform Vet tech skills. But I dunno. Still something I like doing. Kind of has a little burn out after a while though. For me at least.
    We're not even doing much speculation these days in the back rooms. It's pretty much a social hub at this point. Heck, I even put a pony version of myself in one of the threads so it's more social than discussing now that the board's been made.
    Well, it's good to have you back. Say, are you part of one of the new back room groups for speculation? I can't remember if you were added for any of them.
    Hey Fil, sorry to be bothering you, but...you want to make Leon a joint? If you're too busy with stuff to moveset in general...then yeah, sorry to be bothering you. (sry)
    Yeah preoccupying is a word, haha. School's got me down too, with college applications and all. I've been inactive a bit, too. Just got the Power Ranking thread up.
    We'll probably be starting SmashCAP and the older projects once the tiers are settled.
    Say Fil, you still wanna work on Rai? You haven't been on the chat lately, so I kinda think you wanna cancel the set...then again, I suspect you're busy, so...

    I'm okay either way really. I'll leave the decision to you.
    Sorry Brian for not working on Rai lately. I've been really busy lately.(wary)

    I'm done all other sets now though, and I'm 110% ready to make Rai now.(Chew)
    Cool. I'm actually an O.E.E Biology major but I usually just say Zoology just to save myself the trouble of explaining it.
    I'm still waiting for something to come of the whole Aaron-can't-be-raised-by-another storyline raised by the psychic. That episode back in Season 1 was so intriguing, I'd be disappointed if didn't tie into something now.

    But yeah, I totally agree. Counting down the days. ;)
    Oh, Ilana, definitely something odd going on with her. And yeah, I'm expecting a bit more with Desmond, even though he's one of the only characters not on the island - along with Walt and Aaron, both of whom have to have some sort of added significance eventually, right?
    Yeah, seems like he was just another pawn all along - I want to know what Widmore's motivations are exactly, and Richard's. Too many secrets, too many shady figures, gotta start sorting them out. As for Juliet... I reckon she's done for. A real shame, too. :(
    February 2nd! February 2nd! :bee:

    All I want for Groundhog Day is a bit of closure for Locke, the poor guy... :(
    "Haha, I didn't know other people joined this group. :p"

    I know for a fact that at least five of the members only joined because they're shameless group wh0res.

    I didn't join the group to tell you because I'm not Filipino. :p

    Would you like to have glory? Fame? Riches? If so, the Pikachu Survivor Game is for you!

    The Pikachu Survivor Game is a trivia game that is much like Survivor. There are challenges to win marvelous items such as:

    Avenger Guard – The Avenger Guard will protect you from one Pikachu roll. However, if the Avenger Guard is used, it becomes an Immunity for the day and triggers a second Pikachu roll!

    Spear of Revenge - Whoever wins the Spear of Revenge gets to select three people who they think would make really great Pikachus. After they’ve been selected, the next Pikachu roll occurs only between those three people, while everyone else gets to watch the pleasure.

    The Challenge Trap – This is a mean, mean trick you can use on people that just seem to be winning too many challenges. If you get the Challenge Trap, you can use it at any time you like, but once there are only three people remaining, it will disappear. This is definitely one of those things that can’t be taken into the endgame. When you want to use your Challenge Trap, you will silently and quietly create your own challenge with your own created questions and answers, and then secretly PM it to me. When Challenge time comes around, your challenge will be up there and look like a very authentic one, but anyone who goes for it and submits the answers… will find themselves becoming a Pikachu instead.

    Winner recieves a free download of any Virtual Console game less than 2000 Wii Points, bragging rights, and the chance to laugh at everyone else who has become a Pikachu.

    Join today!

    Hm. I just got through reading DarkestLink's thread that was made last year. I hate when people think they know everything about something's history, and then they say that one of the most famous things that revolve around that history isn't important, and that no one knows about it.
    Well, he is a high level player in NC.

    Few weeks ago, I went to this card shop near Lewis Chapel Baptist Church (friend of mine was at a Magic Card tourney and told me someone brought Brawl+). Two guys there play Smash (one says he helped designed the old Brawl+ site while another just really loves Melee).

    So, I found....2.
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