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  • I was happy for her but I was just sitting there like "REALLY?! LOL".
    The show had to have done that on purpose. xD Too coincidental.

    I felt a little awkwardness with Quinn and Santana. I feel like the episode left their conflict unresolved. But it'll probably come full circle eventually.
    Oh god I almost died laughing when they sang Gangnam Style. The one time they have Tina mostly featured is when she's singing Korean lyrics because that ***** is asian lmfao. ****ed up

    And I called Marley collapsing or fainting at sectionals so far back lol
    I felt bad for both Rachel and Finn. Finn because Rachel was like, emotionless with him and Rachel because Finn just said they weren't talking anymore. We all know they'll be back.

    Although I don't like Kurt thaaaat much I am on his side with his relationship stuff. What do you think of Sue and Finn? I didn't even realize her baby was ********? Lol. I must've missed it.

    Oh wait, is that guy the one that one Glee Project? He's not THAT bad haha.

    I find it hilarious that Tina is still wasted space on the show despite how they made it seem like she'd be the new Rachel in season 3.
    You're back on Instagram!
    Also, Glee.

    I like Kitty a little more now. She's soooo evil. I don't think I'll ever like Marley. Are you put off with all the former cast members coming back into the show? It's doesn't feel realistic to me how the ones that come back are treated so prestigiously. They feel like adults. I know us as fans like it but I feel like it takes away from the new characters. Like the song in Glease with the last Grease song I actually kind of found it rude that Marley and what's his face didn't even get to finish the song before Rachel and Finn, etc cut in. I don't mind bringing back the old cast but like, there's a lack of balance. With that said I love Rachel and Kurt's plots much, much more than the high school stuff.

    +++ for Will being gone
    What noooo. Emma was a really good character until they made her loose the only quality that made her mostly entertaining. -____- I still like her though.
    That name came to mind. But then I realized I had no recall of what SJP's face looked like. Lolol

    Yeah, he doesn't deserve him. Will needs to give up. He's meh.
    But I do like Klaine storylines. Blaine is so ****ing umph. Kurt is a prissy little ***** lmao.
    Third episode of Glee was good.
    They should just forget McKinley and just follow Rachel. That's were all my attention is focused mostly lol.
    Been wondering why I havent seen you lately. :(

    I've been missing you and also I'm sure nobody gave you my message, which was "I really like your Rarity avi. it's so cute~"
    Ooooh this looks really nice. From the way it looks, it probably was an Fb Banner. Thanks a lot :ibwc:

    You're gay and a friend of hers so you're going to be slightly biased, but I have to ask anyway: is sync hot? If so, how hot? :>
    YAAAAAAAAAY! We had a chat last night and he said he wants to be boyfriends. He said he would kinda miss being able to score other guys but doesn't care.

    He actually said he hated being single for ages!

    I am so happppyyyyyyyy.

    Hey man, it's going great.

    We were out last night and went back to his after.

    Were going up north to Belfast today to go clubbing.

    Can't wait!
    Man **** him then!

    I can't stand people who cheat on their partners.

    I've given out **** to friends who have done it in the past.

    Hopefully you can move on swiftly.

    You seem like a strong willed person though, so hopefully it should be no problem for you getting over this.
    Sadly I didn't bring it. It's already being brought. And I'm just as mad.

    #MutualEnemy #****Teenagers
    Hahahaha, I don't wanna like scare him away by being all forward and ****.

    I mean we have only hung out like 3 times.

    Next time we are on a night out together I'll get him.........hopefully ;)
    OMG, one of my friends made a SUPER awkward moment happen today.

    Was smoking ti up with my friends Stella, Stefan and the Tom guy I'm after.

    Stella doesn't know the guy is Tom and says "So did you ever text that Tom guy you said was cute?"

    I was like, "Yeah he is sitting right beside you :/"
    My problem is I would be kinda picky when it comes to guys I like.

    Like they have to look good and have a few things in common with me.

    That's why I'm hoping I can get this guy Tom I met a week or 2 ago.

    He likes the same music as me, play video games. :3

    He is also really smart.

    He has a PhD in Chemistry.

    He is so nerdy I love it! :3
    As long as you get what makes you happy that's really all that matters right?

    As much as love the single, being a bit of a ***** life.

    I would really like a nice BF.
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