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  • That's okay. Actually, that's better than okay, because I have a tendency to forget these kinds of things if not reminded by someone/something.
    Good question. That requires a good answer. I guess I could do it during my summer break, but I don't know if you would be up for waiting that long. It'd have to be after I get my license (because I was stupid and didn't get mine last year).

    Trust me, I'm not just making up excuses. I will keep my word.
    I guess I'm fairly far from it? I honestly couldn't tell you cause I've never been. Let me look it up...

    Looks like I'm just under an hour from KSU.
    I can understand that. Then you probably want premium. I'm finding out just how addicting a website like this can be...
    Premium is a nice deal, I think. I'm just not quite ready for it. Though a lime green username would look cool.

    Could you not make your username Tofer Booboo in the first place? Or does it just seem like a better idea now?
    I saw that. I think it's weird.

    I'm currently in the process of trying to acquire a pink name. Yesterday made me realize that yellow is an ugly color for usernames.
    It's true. And I do hope that you enjoyed it.

    I just wish the effects would have lasted longer...
    I guess I never say the right thing in this sort of situation. :(

    It's not shame...it's just that it'd seem odd. (though that's not a good reason, either...)

    I'm sorry. I guess you can tell people. :(
    Okay. I will do my best to find a suitable place for you (because I have no experience with this kind of thing, it might take a while), and then I will take you out.

    In the meantime, I'd rather not have word about this getting out...
    Oh, the regional jab. I'll have you know that Cleveland actually has some decent restaurants (from what I've heard, anyways...)

    Also, saying "Anywhere would be nice" might prove to be a bad idea. I'm assuming that a generic fast food place wouldn't exactly be your cup of tea.
    I should have expected as much. But it's my fault for not being civil about it.

    Is there a specific place that you want?
    I'm sorry! I'm really a good person, I promise. I just thought it'd be cool for some reason to do it all sneaky-like.

    I suppose that now I have to take responsibility... :(
    I usually get on dailyish, but generally not til evening/late afternoon depending on what I'm doing.

    I'll add you to my main but will most likely smurf if I'm playing with you.
    One of the other things I could do for you is if there's something special you want me to draw for you, you can request it.


    Just to let you know Rarity is my next drawing's focus.
    If there's anything in particular you want me to draw involving her you can give me a suggestion.
    If you want it to be a dedication drawing I can do that.
    I need some stimulation baby
    A little conversation maybe
    You got me spinnin' round like crazy
    There goes my baaaaaby


    So so so scandalous
    I'm not jealous since I know he would never.

    But I am selfish and sociopathic.

    We've been exceptionally close for two years and I'm pretty hot blooded. :3
    Be my guest.

    But hey are you actually being serious about this?

    Cause I wasn't so serious at the beginning but uh..
    There is no competition it's been 2 years and if you step up I will crush you so hard your mother's vagina will feel the fallout.
    Oh don't worry I'm not planning anything, but I'm just gonna be watching you.

    And it has nothing to do with modding, it's totally personal. <3
    You'll figure it out if you're smart, use your memory, and keep your ears open. :3
    My eyes are toooootally on you now.

    And don't let this cute shota avatar fool you, I'm not always sweet. ;D
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