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  • Yesss. *raises fist angerly*
    Sigh, hopefully season 3 will offer more than the usual Rachel, love, gay, relationship storylines.

    They should tackle things like eating disorders. I think it'd be soooo perfect if they gave Mercedes like Anorexia or Bulimia. Give the characters real problems.
    They should make the show more dramatic imo.

    Idk why, but I can just seeeee the directors choosing a horrible new cast. I feel like they'd pick people that're similar to the original characters. Wheelchair kid, gay kid, fat girl, etc. Who knows.
    I'm talking like, season 5 or 6 if they continue to go that far.

    They better bring Lauren back.
    Haha I'll always watch Glee. :p
    If they decide to replace the original cast though I'm not sure..
    Her sister's death seemed really random to me.
    I really really liked all the scenes with Sue and her sister. Very touching to me.
    Still, with this episode it makes me wonder what direction this show is going.

    I noticed particularly in this episode that it's starting to become more and more love orientated. Not that it wasn't before but I found it really noticeable this episode.
    OHRITE. Now I remember.
    And god yes. Like seriously, can we get a wrap up on Will/Emma and Finn/Rachel. Pleeeassse. Stop dragging it out, god. It's annoying me now at this point.

    Also, was it me, or did it seem like they were trying to wrap up a lot of plots near the end of this episode? Sending Terry off finally, Sue finally getting over the Glee club? I know it wasn't just me noticing that, lol. And yes, Quinn's hair looked cute.
    Hmmm, okay episode.
    But it made me wonder: Where the hell is Quinn's baby?!
    Ugh, Finn. This show is notorious for DRAGGING OUT plots for AGES.
    Haha. :p
    I dunno, there are some really good episodes, but I don't have time to watch Glee in my spare time. :(
    Seeing Rachel get slapped must turn you on.

    Thinking about it, I've never seen the episodes more than once. :0
    Haha I read that.
    I think that's stupid. Just answer yes or no.

    You're making yourself a label by being a person that doesn't believe in labels.
    The episode was above decent for me.
    It was kind of bleh in the beginning. Only really picked up when Artie got caught.
    Oh my godddd, this show makes me so mad. Blaine is just so ideal and dreamy. It makes me extra upset. Also, Sam is progressively looking less and less attractive. I think it's his hair.
    Btw, I never mentioned it but with the Born this Way episode I found it weird that Lauren's insecurity was "bad attitude". Didn't she feel bad a couple episodes earlier because Puck sung her a song about fat girls or whatever? I know she's confident with who she is, but I don't see how having a bad attitude would be an insecurity... It just threw me off a little.
    Honestly, I never remember the titles of these episodes. xD
    I've seen them all but I never really store the names in mind.

    Lol @ the majority of your favs being season 2. Or all?
    Rumours was okay. I felt bad when Artie called Brittany stupid and she was like "you're the only person in the school who's never called me that." and Sam's whole situation. Terry's role seemed a little out of place. When are they going to send her character off.
    This episode and "Never Been Kissed" leave the biggest imprints for my most liked episodes of this season. I can't remember the specifics of NBK, but I remember feeling really sad during it. I think it had to do with the football coach being treated ugly.

    Also, I'm glad Tina actually sang for once with the born this way song. Why is it only lady gaga songs they have her sing?
    I hate when my mom makes comments like that. Well, not as harsh, but still annoying and it makes me want to pop off on her.

    Ooooh, sounds juicy. Can't wait to watch.
    Btw, I liked the Born this Way episode. It was actually pretty good imo.
    well, if its among me and my two best friends, then same.

    I like a ton of things they don't like at all. They both like the EXACT same things over half the time. its rather creepy at times. But sometimes i feel kinda jealous because other than my gf, not many people i know likes the stuff i like.
    Plus, my two friends seem to be growing apart from me in interests. They don't even play videogames much anymore.
    What really struck me as crazy is when they turned down going to their first smash tournament. We've loved Smash Bros. since i met them. We always stayed up playing it, played countless times over wifi and talked about how cool it would be to go to a tournament. then one finally show sup and they turned it down for nothing.

    Sorry for rambling ^^'

    I guess so. Don't worry, one day they'll all wanna be losers (and bronies) like us
    glee joke XD
    not rly much of a darren criss fan but i am a gleek (secretly. my friends would give me all kinds of heck about it if they knew :p)
    pffft I know right? Like the entire dance number I was not expecting and it was funny.
    Mhmm, last episode was surpirsingly really really good. I loved it.

    Kurt's solo was o_O good.
    Haha i'd assume since the style of the pic.

    Btw, I'm obsessed with the new Rachel/Quinn song I feel Pretty/Unpretty.

    Wat? Lol, I didn't know there was that version of my last ava. o_O
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